Sunday, December 17, 2017

"In a galaxy far, far away..."

 By Tommy Poppers (aka Mr. E.)

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away," went the old refrain,

And here she is again, back on the streets wearing her red dress and winking at me from every street corner.
Her vulgar, corporate pimp cajoles me with his rolled-up sleeves and reminds me of her glory,
"She was the respite from your sorrows, remember?
Remember the adventure you had together?
And that feeling that one day you would get away;
Far, far away..?"

Begrudgingly I concede, and I give the rolled-up sleeve his money as he leads me into the darkness.
I take off my sweater and settle into the red velvet chair and for a moment, I contemplate the awkwardness of the situation;
No one really needs to be here.
No matter how gratifying the immediate pleasures to come,
Ultimately something has been lost in this transaction.
She has been coerced from her peaceful retirement just to satisfy my warped desire for nostalgia.
Slowly, she lifts her fringed skirt again and I stare at the old refrain,
"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."

Thursday, December 14, 2017

"Let's share the delights of Bryaxis"

By JP Kenwood

(Artwork by Priapus of Milet)

Gaius Fabius Rufus, Rome's second in command under the rule of Emperor Trajan (98-117 AD), has just purchased a Dacian prince to serve as his pleasure slave at a private auction in Rome. He's now visiting his best friend and secret lover, the lawyer Lucius Petronius. Together, they share the delights of Lucius's gorgeous concubine, the Caledonian barbarian Bryaxis

Captivated by Luc’s steely blue eyes and his perfect physique, Gaius washed down another piece of roasted duck and studied his dinner companion. Shit, he’d missed this gorgeous fucker and his daft jokes. And that sexy, deep voice. And those incredibly talented hands. It was good to be back in Rome.

Lucius never joined him on campaign any more. Not that they ever enjoyed any time alone together while in the field, but at least he could watch Luc’s bum bounce up and down on those nights when they shagged camp whores in the same room.
“You’ve already described his face, soldier,” Lucius grumbled, reaching down to grab another bite of food. “What about the rest of him?”
“You were at the auction, Luc. You’ve seen the creature—firm and lean, not too tall or too short, bit on the hairy side, fucking delectable arse.”

Resting his chin on his fist, Gaius smiled. “Ah, but what about his mind? Is he clever, like my Bry?” Lucius reached his thick forearm down the length of his thigh and raked his fingers through Bry’s honey-brown hair, massaging his scalp vigorously. The slave lifted his chin and moaned softly, pressing his cheek into the side of Luc’sleg.

He's bound to be feral.

“Hard to say yet. He was still dazed and floppy from the dealer’s drugs, those lazy parasites.”
Lucius chuckled. “He’s bound to be feral.”
“True. He’ll be untamed and fiery. And yet, I’d wager good coin my Dacian will wind up more disciplined than your pampered Caledonian brat there.”

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

New in the gallery --- Charles Demuth

"Turkish Bath" --- Charles Demuth (1883-1935)


(From the artist's Wikipedia entry:)

Charles Henry Buckius Demuth (November 8, 1883 – October 23, 1935) was an American watercolorist who turned to oils late in his career, developing a style of painting known as Precisionism.
"Search the history of American art," wrote Ken Johnson in The New York Times, "and you will discover few watercolors more beautiful than those of Charles Demuth. Combining exacting botanical observation and loosely Cubist abstraction, his watercolors of flowers, fruit and vegetables have a magical liveliness and an almost shocking sensuousness."
Demuth was a lifelong resident of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The home he shared with his mother is now the Demuth Museum, which showcases his work. He graduated from Franklin & Marshall Academy before studying at Drexel University and at Philadelphia's Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. While he was a student at PAFA, he participated in a show at the Academy, and also met William Carlos Williams at his boarding house. The two were fast friends and remained close for the rest of their lives.
He later studied at Académie Colarossi and Académie Julian in Paris, where he became a part of the avant garde art scene. The Parisian artistic community was accepting of Demuth's homosexuality. After his return to America, Demuth retained aspects of Cubism in many of his works.

(More art on our gallery page)

Sunday, December 10, 2017

LustSpiel agony --- Sex addiction? Is it real? --- Part I

Text from an article in 1843 (an offshoot of The Economist) Dec. 2017, pp 84-89. Images from Kristen Bjorn's short film Wild Seed, starring Ridder Riviera, Ivan Gregory, and Andy Star. For Bjorn's entire clip, see our earlier post Sheer Lust (6).

Andrew was in his late 30s when he was feeling that his masturbation habit was getting out of control

He was indulging several times per day while using pornography.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

New in the gallery --- Phillip Swarbrick

Phillip Swarbrick

(more art on our Gallery Page)

(From the artist's AdonisArt entry:)

The work of Phillip Swarbrick is often portrayed a pornographic because it sometimes deals with sub-cultural areas of life. He himself characterizes much of his work as 'dangerous' - he relishes exploring those areas of life that are rarely the subject matter of art. He enjoys the fantasies that he can create by touching on extreme or taboo subjects, and the discomfiture of viewers for whom the content is too strong. But do not be misled, Swarbrick is a talented artist. He was born in South Africa and, after a short spell in the police force, came to England to escape from apartheid. For a time he worked as an art teacher before launching himself into a full-time artistic career. Besides his work for the Adonis Gallery, he is also a fine portrait painter (you can see his portrait of the leading gay-rights activist Phillip Tatchell above). His work is often confrontational, sometimes shocking, but always exceptionally interesting and well-realised. His paintings may be hard to display, but he has many collectors who look forward to every new work by this exceptional artist.

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