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Sunday, March 26, 2017

The tiny prick of the David statue

By Michael Ampersant

(Michael seems to have started on a new project, a series of flash stories centering upon Dex & Jamie, the characters of his earlier flash Jamie 1.0; here's the first installment, set in Florence, Italy:)

I’ve taken up position on the steps of the Loggia della Signoria, squatting between the statues of Cellini's Perseus and Fedi’s Rape of the Polyxena. This is my shtick, if you will. I’m not exactly a prostitute, but I’m a slut with a boyfriend who’s a math genius and who’s always busy with his “results,”—meaning he’s raising his head with an otherworldly expression on his map when you ask him to suck your dick ask him what he’s doing and then he’s lowering his head to solve yet another “open problem” that he’s found in a yellow, hard-cover math book. He’s very beautiful, though, Jamie, and when I tell him I love him he listens patiently.

I'm a slut with a boyfriend who's a math genius

Are you still there?

So we’ve been through Jamie’s math routine this morning and I’ve put on the Abercrombie & Fitch outfit we bought yesterday on the Via de' Tornabuoni and which looks exactly like the outfit that I bought the day before---‘cept that the colors are biloxi for the branded T-shirt, bronze-green for the shorts, and egg for the baseball cap. I’m also wearing my imitation-imitation watch, meaning it looks like a Swatch but is made from real ivory with a bio-certificate signed by Leonardo di Caprio. I don’t really care about designer stuff, but it’s a go-to part of my scheme because you really don’t want to look like a hustler when you’re squatting between Perseus and Polyxena on the steps of the Loggia della Signoria waiting for the future to arrive.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Partyboy (1) --- By Shadowjack

By Shadowjack

(Text and art)

“Hey Rentboy, it’s time!”

A shudder went through Darby at those words. Whenever his housemates called him “Rentboy,” it only meant one thing: It was time to earn his keep. He’d been sharing the house with Sam, Justin and Trent for a month and a half now. He had no income and couldn’t contribute at all to the rent or food bills, so his housemates had worked out a way for him to do his share.

Darby dreaded these weekly sessions. During the week his housemates could knock on his door any time they pleased, and he was obliged to stop whatever he was doing and suck their cocks until they spurted into his mouth. That was bad enough, but on Saturdays, when they were all together, they really put him through the ringer!

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