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A prop-osal

By Rushmore Judd 

(Artwork by Sadao Hasegawa)

Note to my local adult sex shop:

"I would be willing to demonstrate your bondage equipment live in the store. You can tie me up naked or with minimal clothes if you prefer, perhaps something of your own choosing. I would require a hood.

"If you want you could change the position a various times during the day. In return you could tease my cock all day since I think the exhibit would have more punch if I had a hard-on all day.

"Perhaps you could put a sign on me that says touching allowed,' and you could leave the price tags on.

"I say all day but about 4 or 5 hours is probably all I could do in one day. If it goes well perhaps there could be more than one day."

And I will need someone to take pictures so I can win my bet.

Rushmore Judd is an erotic writer. He lives in New England.