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I deserve a present

By Cocksearch

(Artwork by Michael Breyette)

Christmas. I deserve a present, and TWO BLONDES oughta do. Yes.

And hark, there's one now! Right there on Craigslist!

-29yo bi guy looking to host at [street] and [street]
-6'3 225 blond blue 7c big balls average guy here
-looking to have my cock sucked, my big balls licked good all over (my fave), my ass eaten and my load swallowed ... no recip
-you be under 50, clean and neg (a must), masculine, in athletic to average shape, willing to travel and send pics/stats in 1st email for mine

A quick email promising not to waste a drop clearly got his attention, because I had a response within two minutes. An enthusiastic email it was, including a photo of his face and one of his cock and big seriously low-hanging balls, along with a request to IM. In the IM, I learned that he was meeting friends for drinks later. Did I mind? He was unfailingly courteous - even offered up without prompting that rimming was optional. Thank you. And he really likes having his big nuts played with. You got it, buddy. Eight minutes later, I'm out the door. (Thank you, Yahoo, for putting little time stamps on everything - makes a scrupulous blogger's life easier.) A fifteen minute drive got me to his front door, complete with convenient parking directly across the street.

He had a nice place in a new condo building. Furniture he'd purchased in a package, I think, because it looked coordinated and he just didn't look the type to be coordinating furniture much. He'd accessorized with empty beer cans. And a huge flat screen TV. College basketball in full swing. His laptop lay on the sofa, playing MMF porn - I guess he's serious about that 'bi' thing from the ad. He himself was also precisely as advertised: 6'3", 225, and looked his 29 years. Built like a brick shit-house. (I immediately wanted to fondle his ass - but it wasn't quite in the program.) Thinning red-blond hair. And very much a regular guy, per his own description. Homely would be a good way to describe his face - and I don't mean that in a bad way. It's a face you could really get used to, actually. But there isn't really a handsome line in it. He's just not built to be vain, and it seems to show in his warm, easy-going personality - not that I can say I know him well, at least not that way. It's a very attractive quality in itself. Along with the brick-shithouse body, he ads up to HOT in my book.

But we're not here to praise him. We're here to blow him. He drops down to the couch, shoves the ottoman aside and pushes down his sweatpants. His cock's small and soft. Grower, clearly. And his balls are serious low hangers. Because he's said he likes having his balls worked on, I start there. He totally eats it up, moaning and groaning and telling me how good that felt. A solid B+ in the vocal department. His cock quickly stiffens up to a solid (real inches here) 5" maybe plus some. On the skinny side of medium. And hard as a concrete fence post. Springy hard. Really nice. And a size I can throat with ease. He requests frequent attention for his heavy nuts, talking about how they're heavy with a big load that I was gonna get. This is great. And he's got tons of fine red-blonde pubic hair. Give me a nose full of that any day.

He's clearly not a quick cummer, so I up the ante from no hands to wrapping my fingers around the rigid base of his cock and working him deep. His balls hung so loose I was able to gather and pull them up to where they were rubbing against my chin when I buried his cock in my throat. He lasts impressively, and he's unflaggingly enthusiastic throughout. Suddenly, through clenched teeth, he mutters something about "getting load" and he pops. Forcefully - I can feel the squirts. Big warm mouth of nice, clean tasting load. I stay on him and keep him warm for a few. When I come up, I look him in his dazed eyes and gulp audibly. It brought a smile to his face. When he stood a couple minutes (of ball warming) later, his cock was still pointing upward sharply. And as I left, and I grabbed it again for a last squeeze, it was still springy as steel.

I told him I'd do him anytime, and he said, "well, we've got each others' emails." I think he'd like more. Hope he does. 'Cause he mentioned he's a multi-cummer, if he's not pressed for time.

Cocksearch is the pseudonym of a Midwestern attorney at law.