The cruddy old gay took a long, illicit fake leak...

By Pete De Matteo

The cruddy old gay
Took a long, illicit fake leak
At the group urinal of the nyc
Gay bar,
Just prayin’ that a
Stud would cum beside him.
He grew hard doin’ so.

Gengoroh Tagame

A stud of 25 with a baseball cap on backwardz
Who appeared to be of some sort of
Middle-eastern extraction spotted our old fruit
Amidst his fake, illicit escapade,
& head directly for the bathroom’s
Which he done locked immediately thereafter,
4 the luv of
The Blessed Muhammad.
 ‘your day ‘ll cum,’ the old fruit was goin, tryin’ to surpress tearz of utter frustration at that cussed urinal!

The end!

Pete De Mateo is a native of New York. He was a regular reader at the New Yorican Poetry Slam and published in NUVEIN magazine. He lives in Mexico now.