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And the award for suggestive art goes to...

Domino (aka Etienne, aka Stephen) (1933-1991)

Here's something educational about Domino, from the pages of the Leslie Lohman Museum:

Etienne (Domingo Stephen Orejudos also known as Stephen)

American (1933-1991)

A bodybuilder, choreographer, and principal dancer with the Illinois Ballet Company, Domingo Orejudos produced homoerotic art under the name Etienne, as well as “Stephen.”

Featuring muscular, masculine men, Etienne's work dwelled in the burgeoning leather culture of the latter half of the 20th century. In preparing for an exhibition in New York in 1983, he stated, “I suppose I could collect together some things that are fairly tame, but most of my pieces on hand have a pretty obvious sexual content. Would that pose a problem?” He created a series of comic books with titles such as Adventuretime, Storybook and Storytime. Some included a character known as Meatman.

Etienne co-founded Chicago’s first leather bar, the Gold Coast, for which he completed a series of murals. He was also instrumental in organizing the International Mister Leather contest. He produced erotic drawings for gay bar logos and various publications, such as Tomorrow’s Man and Drummer, which featured his exaggerated muscular imagery. In some cases, he wrote the fiction that went with the illustrations. Along with his partner, Chuck Renslow, he ran Kris Studios, which published Mars in the early 1960s and, later, Triumph and Rawhide magazines.

He died of AIDS-related illness at his home in Boulder, Colorado.