New in the gallery --- James Ferringer

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James Ferringer

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James Ferringer about his work: I would describe my work as manipulated figurative photography. All work is created with a Nikon D5300 and an iMac with Photoshop CS6. My goal is a contemporary photograph with a reference to painting, history and enviroment. Light, shadow and color all build stories around the male figure.

I spend a lot of time with my art history books now, something I should have done when I was a student … but too late for that. Artists whose work that I slept through in Art History, are now the ones of greatest interest to me. I try to bring to my photography some of the qualities that Carravagio, Jacques-Louis David, Anthony van Dyck and others brought to their paintings.

My love of history influences my work in many ways. History was one subjects I liked from grammar school on. It is important that my art have a sense of history and mystery. This can come the photograph’s setting, or from the addition of objects, type, maps and and endless array of items.

I hope that a person looking at my work sees the beauty of the male figure, not just a nude. The male nude is too often seen as taboo in Indiana and I would say most of the USA. I have never really understood why the female nude is acceptable everywhere in modern society while the male nude still threatens. I hope my work allows people to see that there is no reason for that.

I am an artist who does photography, but I also paint, draw and did sculpture in the past.