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Our regular contributor Michael Ampersant is sending one of his mysterious emails. It's about Channing Tatum, the Hollywood personality, who's somehow included in his latest short story---if it is a "story," that is, it reads more like a fragment of an absurd play. Well, to lighten up the serious play-writing Michael &t is trying to do, we're...

...(yes...and the short story, it's out now, on Amazon, and it's free until Dec. 25, 2015, here)...

...(find out yourself:)

“Most handles on Grindr are aka’s,” I say.
“That’s why I’m saying. Gabriel.”
“It’s rarely Gabriel,” I say. “It’s Tanner, and Brenner, and Channing of course, that sort of thing.”

Tanner is fine with him.

Channing is even better.

He sometimes gets off on a picture of Channing Tatum.

“You don’t do Grindr?” I ask. No, he don’t, he’s too introverted, normally.
“We’re chatting now.” Yeah, today is special…“Channing,” (he reiterates).


“What do you do then, you talk them into it?” He asks. Some are into rimming anyhow (I answer).
“And the others?”
“Sometimes I just say: ‘I go clean my pussy, I’ll be back.’”
“Sweet, Martin, from A to B, the shortest way. It works?”
“Not always, obviously.”
“Hygiene is an issue…” Obviously.
“So you’re off to the powder room again.” Not the same one.
“Martin, how do you clean your ass? Tissue, wet tissue, baby wipers?” If it’s my place I just have a brief shower…
“Working a piece of soap into you shoot hole.” Yes, that’s the way to do it.
“And if it’s not your place?” Shower, whatever.

“When you, Martin, when you are having that particular shower, how does it fare, your erection, in the meantime?” (Haha.)

“You maintain it, your erection?” (Usually, yes.) “You don’t have to make an effort, some intermittent stroking perhaps?” (Rarely.) “He’s not joining you, for a shower?” (Sometimes). “Oh, cool, now we’re getting into soap sex.” (If you want to?)

“No, let’s stay with the rimming part.

You emerge from the shower, cock first, still undulating, you’re dick…

…we’re in Channing’s bedroom now, we can assume.”

“You do it on the bed?”


There’s a pause.

“You’re hard?” he asks.
“Well, didn’t I just say?”

“No, I mean you’re hard now?”

There’s a tinge, in fact, between my legs.

I say (though): “No, I’m not, sorry.”

Another pause.

“OK, Martin, so, we’re back in the bedroom. You’ll be on the receiving end of this. What do you do? You crouch? You lie down, prone, legs stretched wide?”

“I let it flow,” I say.

“My favorite position is recumbent, legs in the air, bottom raised.”

“Unless the guy has a better idea.”

Are you still there? The entire story is now available on Amazon (click and enjoy):
Michael Ampersant


  1. Damn he so sexy I wouldn't mind doin him

  2. Damn he's so as hell and a very very sexy looking man I would definitely love to have him as my boyfriend / husband anytime

  3. So hot and sexy I think that Channing Tatum is a gorgeous hunk.


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