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New in the gallery --- Stéphane Dupré

Stéphane Dupré (1960-1997)

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Few people know him, or remember him, the Parisian artist. Only twelve of his drawings are extant on the internet. One site is dedicated to his work. It features this interview, that we've excerpted and translated into English (there's more of his work below, scroll down):

How did you get your first drawings published? 

I was drawing guys, so it was only natural that I would show my work to magazines, just to get their opinion, which was supposedly more objective than the opinion of my friends. I got commission, mostly for illustrating actual or historic events. Then I was asked to draw covers, and my work started to appear on Minitel (a French precursor of the internet).

You're always using your pointillist technique?  

Yes, the technique allows me to create volume, and brilliance.

Stéphane Dupré

You're a figurative artist.

It's not that I'm not interested in abstractions, or abstract art, but my work does not belong there. My work is brutal, sensual, and sexual, it's not abstract. I'm very much interested in te physical aspects of my guys. Their sexual organs, or bulges; it's important that they are real---on top of having something "fantasmatique."

Why only men?

That's what I like to do (his real answer is more French, and more wordy).

You characters resemble each other. Quite a lot.

No! But there are certain "looks" that don't inspire me. The Californian look---toned bodybuilders---it doesn't inspire me. Historical references inspire me.

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