New in the gallery --- Francisco José Quesada

"Tres," Francisco José Quesada

About the artist (from his website):

I am an artist born in Zaragoza, who takes too many years outside the art world, engaged in technical drawing. Now, I start my journey again, but better late than never, hoping to have the opportunity to make my customers dream, while being my way of life. After two years doing exhibitions throughout the peninsula, I decided to take up this course I had left parked, and mainly focus on the activity of illustrator rather than on graphic design in itself. As an illustrator, it is true that I had the opportunity to work producing posters, flyers, etc. of all types ( for companies, religious, for locals...) and for all types (children, adolescents, adults...). Although the illustration that I like and makes me happiest is that related to the homoerotism, by no means I close to the rest.

For all these reasons, I consider myself a lucky man.

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