New in the gallery --- Piotr Urbaniak

Piotr Mariusz Urbaniak

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Short biography:

Piotr Mariusz Urbaniak
1963 Born In Warsaw/Poland
1978-83 School of Fine Art. (PLSP) In Lodz /Poland
Makes paintings, sculpture, graphic art and photography. Writes short commentaries on art, poems and short stories. Has been living in Berlin/Germany (since 1983) and in Warsaw/Poland

Recent one-artist shows:

2007 DEVOTIONAL ARTICLES, sculpture, artist’s studio, Berlin/Germany
2008 SAL_ONE4, painting and poems, Zwischenverlag Berlin/Germany
2009 ELYSANDER, illustrations for books, B-1 Kulturforum Gallery, Berlin/Germany
2010 ANTENNA OF THE SOUL, painting, the palace in Nieborów/Poland, under the patronage Of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Warsaw/Poland
- PAINTING, Promotions Gallery, Warsaw/Poland
- HAND DRAWINGS, drawings on paper, orthopedic doctor’s office Dr. Med.Uta Stiegler, Berlin/Germany
- HEAVENLY BODIES, acts in the theater Teatr Druga Strefa, Warsaw/Poland
- URBANIAK’s Exponate, painting, sculpture, artist’s studio, Berlin/Germany
- SCULPTURES”, sculpture, Lilienkulturgarten, Berlin/Germany
- URBAN LANDSCAPE”, Kozlowski, Berlin/Germany
- PLACE OF REFUGE, photographic works, Galeria Wyjscie Awaryjne, Warsaw/Poland


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