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The sub he'd chosen was a prosperous woman with a wonderfully pale, plump body

Did you enjoy "A pleasant client to play with"? Well, here's another fragment from Secret Funding, the exciting Italian novel, now available in English translation. A last, third piece will follow.

By S.M. May

(Artwork by Bob Bienpensant)

The submissive he'd chosen was a prosperous woman with a wonderfully pale, plump body. The perfect body for a dominator who specialized in the ancient art ofshibari like Master Lud, because those natural curves would highlight the geometric beauty of his creations in a play of contrasts, lights and shadows created by the knots and the woman's curves themselves.

As a master, it had been a long time since Lud had stopped using any props except ropes and ribbons; at his feet, he'd carefully laid out a selection of black hemp ropes. His goal was always to create a bond with his client, but he tried to achieve that through a combination of sensorial experiences – from the purely aesthetic pleasure felt by the one tying the ropes to the feeling of being constricted and immobilized experienced by the one who agreed to being tied.

His goal was always to create a bond with his client

First of all, Lud prepared the canvas he would work on, wrapping a rope around each of the woman's arms, from wrist to shoulder, then tying her wrists behind her back. After that he started working on the main piece, binding her torso, harmoniously crossing the ropes on her breastbone and around her breasts.
Soon, Noah felt hypnotized by the beauty of the performance. The knots looked simple and yet turned out to be surprisingly complex. The woman's boobs were squeezed and lifted in such a way that they seemed to emerge from the intricate black rope like two pale flowers, her nipples pink and erect from the pressure.

The woman was panting slightly, but she wasn't in pain. On the contrary, she looked deeply focused, as if she was absorbing each of her body's reactions to the knots and slowly savoring her rising pleasure. Master Lud bent to whisper something in her ear and she smiled brightly. Then he wrapped another rope under her armpits and fastened the upper part of her body to a hook dangling from the ceiling.

The audience got the impression that it wasn't a simple message

Every time he got closer to the woman, the dominator's fingers pressed delicately on various spots on her body, worshiping the flesh as it was turned, lifted, shaped by his touch. The audience got the impression that it wasn't a simple massage, but that it was activating some secret energy centers.

Noah would never be able to stand those probing fingers.

When he stepped into his dominator role, Noah only touched his clients when strictly necessary and it was really difficult for him. As a human being, he rejected on principle the idea of having another body too close, whether man or woman.

Noah Kress couldn't and didn't want to be touched, a well-known fact at the Circle.

Meanwhile, Lud had moved on and was binding the lower part of the woman's body.

He wrapped a white rope around her hips, then wrapped the pubic triangle more tightly. The client was now moaning gently with parted lips and was quite flushed. Master Lud got closer, pressing his fingers on her belly, until she turned to look at the audience with an ecstatic expression on her face, her head twitching to the side.

Finally a black rope was wrapped around her knee and the opposite ankle and her whole body was suspended mid-air. For a few minutes, the woman looked like an insect trapped in a beautiful spider web, a chrysalis ready to turn into a butterfly and take flight.

Without a word, Master Lud pulled the ropes and lowered the chrysalis back to the floor, taking his time to untie and unwind the ropes. Even from far away Noah could see that Lud was panting from the exertion. Despite being a big, tall man, he had to have spent quite a lot of energy and concentration to create the various compositions and bring the woman to the pleasure that had been so clearly visible on her face.

Ludwig was a perfectionist

He helped the client to stand up and she stood in silence in front of everyone. Her curves were marked by uniform red stripes that painted a sort of tattoo on her body, almost a mold imprinted on her skin, but there were no signs of scrapes or wounds. As weird as the final effect might look, her curves seemed to glow with a special kind of beauty.

Had Noah had any erotic interest for the female body, apart from playing and dominating, he might have found that woman seductive in her own way. The rest of the audience welcomed the finale with a short burst of applause and Noah joined in, full of admiration.

Apart from being very respected in their field, Ludwig was a perfectionist like many other dominators, and he was also very traditional. He only used authentic hemp or bamboo ropes made in Japan, therefore a strong, wild smell filled the room – human sweat mixed with the scent of freshly cut grass.

Noah waited for him to finish gathering his ropes, then went to say hello.

“Congratulations, Master. As always, your skill has no equals.”

S.M. May is a mom of three, lawyer, and blogger. She lives in North-East Italy where she's trying to find the right balance between work, family, reading and writing. She's good at some things, a bit less at others. But she does them all with passion.

She writes F/M romance, M/M romance, epic fantasy. Secret Funding, is her first book published in English.