This is erotic poetry --- Esham and Sean Xavier

Lyrics by hip hop artist Esham, visuals by Sean Xavier

(Scroll down for the clip of the Esham song This is erotic poetry:)

I say, "Yeah", when they ask me

The freakiest brother on the planet

Sometimes I don't even understand it, God damn it

You know my dick

So you know what kind of rhyme it is

I get ill on the mic, but still

I'm not Luther Vandross or Freddie Jackson

Some freaks be askin', why I be taxin'

I don't know, that's the kind of brother I am

If your father don't think I'm going to fuck you

Tell your mother I am

I'm the freaky-deak brother on the give it up tip

For those who know of me

This is erotic poetry

Now I'm the K-I-S-S-I-N-G-B-A-N-D-I-T

E-S-H-A-M is on the M-I-C

Now I make the kind of poetry to make you wanna get with me

All the hoes say,"Please won't you hit me?"

I'm not Casanova, Esham's in the joint

I make the fuck songs that get straight to the point

I don't make love songs cause I don't do that

And if I bust a wack rap like that

You'll say, "Who's that?"

So won't the hoes admit it

I let the rhythm hit them and they loved the way I did them

I get freak bones, bust nuts on G-bones

Hoes give the jaw bone when we're all alone

So I don't understand when you say I'm a nasty man

You should be saying nasty ho

Cause I like to do it slow

So I like to hit you like a man would