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"I hate casting couches" --- Theo Blaze

Art and text by Theo Blaze

"I hate casting couches."
The ballet class has been canceled

There's not much privacy on a submarine

"Are you sure your sister won't laugh at my cock?"

Cell block 69

"That was a close call."

"Come on, I never had any complaints before."

Inside Dr. Strauss' kitten refuge

Everybody wants to meet the new slave from Antioch

Time's ticking slowly for the young men of the detention center

Gratuitous inspiration

Heat wave

"I agree with you, heterosexuality is an option."

If the casting couch could tell

"In fact, I'm waiting for a better offer, My Lord."

After midnight, some boys go crazy like maracas in a banana plantation

"Our first weekend together."

Mainly tasked with procreation, these slaves are also useful for casual sex

Morning ritual in a total institution

O tempora, o mores

Practicing for the Golden Foot Award

Recent studies have found that the median Viking would penetrate 12 adolescents per day

Stable lust

The sun is rising

Take the elevator to the penthouse

The cherished tradition of the washing ritual

The cute boys soon become arrogant

"I'm thinking whether the coach will invite us to his birthday party."

The last boy à gogo

The newbie gamekeeper needs punishing

The room inspection that never ends

The rules of the monkey rock are pretty much the same everywhere

These young men are mainly used for protein diet

They will never forget this summer

Tom Sawyer revisited

"Undress him slowly."

Stockholm syndrome

"Yes, I have a penis, so what?"

You need to find a coach with the right personality

Waking up at noon

Young men and couch

"You're new to this, but we like runny omelets."

Zabriski point

Straight guys always get nervous the first time they are with a man


  1. Wonderful. Thanks for all these nice pictures....

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  3. Extatic . mother halp me . marvelous so inviting to action .!!! Never seen or done .!!!!


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