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New in the gallery --- Miguel Angel Reyes

Miguel Angel Reyes
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Mexican born artist Miguel Angel Reyes is a Los Angeles-based portrait and figurative painter, muralist, printmaker and illustrator. He graduated from Otis Parson School of Design in 1987 with a BFA in illustration. Reyes incorporates expressionist brushwork and a saturated palette in celebration of his Latin roots. His experience as a stylist, designer, dancer and photographer contribute to his artwork.

His art has been exhibited throughout the U.S including—Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Alaska, as well as internationally in Germany and Korea. His murals have been commission by MTA. His work is in the LACMA print collections, Laguna Art Museum, Watts Towers Arts Center to name a few. An accomplished muralist, in 1995 Reyes completed one of the largest mural projects in Los Angeles, the 750 foot Amistades (Friendships) at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Argyle.

“I love to draw all kinds of models, either live or via Video Chat. The drawing session is an intimate situation where the models reveal themselves physically and sometimes emotionally. Ultimately, the drawings show the personality of the models with my direction all rolled into one. A drawing session to me is a moment of meditation, conversation and always leaves me with a feeling of great satisfaction.”


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