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New in the gallery --- Nelson Boren

Nelson Boren

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From the artist's statement:

Somewhere in the hustle and pressure of managing and owning two architectural firms, I discovered watercolors.  In 1990 I sold my architectural firm, bought a small farm in Northern Idaho, loaded the family in our old yellow Suburban and headed north.  We dove right into “farm life” and surrounded ourselves with cows, chickens, sheep, two cats and a dog.  I remodeled an old tractor barn into an art studio, started painting full time and never looked back.  What a great life it has been.

Having worked on a ranch during my teenage years and marrying into a ranching family, I felt a tremendous respect for the men and women that the world calls “cowboys”, and wanted to tell their stories with my paintings. In 1990 Jeanne, my wife and our seven children left Arizona, and my architectural firms and moved to a small farm in Northern Idaho. We loved being near to hiking, fishing, skiing and the great beauty of the out of doors.  Living on a farm in Northern Idaho with my studio only 30 feet from the house and a full view of Schweitzer Mountain ski resort I am able to compose and paint my "pieces of cowboys,” telling stories of humor, love, family, and work.