The Stéphane Dupré project --- please react

Dear Lustspiel Reader: please find underneath our complete collection of Stéphane Dupré's drawings---Dupré, the almost mysterious, now almost forgotten French drawsman  (1960-1997). Departing from usual practice, we don't crop or photoshop. All pictures are diplayed in original size, with byte-size specified in the capture...If you have more, or other, or larger pictures by Stephane, please let us know: (at) gmail (dot) com ; 

send the pictures, or send a link. You'll get the credits. Thanks, Cool.

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  1. These are fantastic erotic pictures! This artist loved the male body as I do. I'm floored. Thanks, LustSpiel!

  2. Fantastic artist!

    My collections of Dupré drawings:

  3. Fabulous work!! thanks for sharing


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