From nine to five

By Vilela Valentin
(Text and art) 

Jim arrives at the office at 8:00 AM; it's his first job, his first day at work. He's a designer, or, at least, he will be one. He is greeted by Bob, a dark young man of deep voice and big hands, who appears ready and willing to help our newbie. Jim is excited of course---a designer dream finally coming true.

At around 3 PM people start to leave because it looks a serious storm is coming.  Jim won’t leave early, of course, and Bob stays too.

"Hard Work"---Gouache on Canson paper
 21.0 cm × 29.7 cm. Vilela Valentin

At 6 PM everybody has left, and Jim and Bob are alone.

They begin to talk and discover they have much in common...while in the meantime, outdoors, a perfect storm is unfolding, with rain, thunder, gusts of wind---it feels so safe inside.

And then---Joe didn’t expect this---Bob pushes our newbie against the drawing board, and, yes, presses his body against Joe's body, and grabs his balls. Young Jim is breathless. Bob unzips his zipper and chucks his pants, clutches the newbie's butt and makes him lie down on a table. He fingers for Joe’s asshole and produces his swollen cock, and---hold your breath---penetrates at once.

Joe’s precious anal side, hitherto unexplored, is visibly touched: the newbie produces a scream that could sound like pleasure---or pain---while there is the undeniable fact of Bob's enormous phallic organ inside the graphic designer’s shoot hole. There is pressure. There is lust. Bob affects a few masturbatory gesticulations---in-and-out of a young fresh ass now, as he rolls his eyes in a trance of pleasure. Joe rolls his eyes, too.

In-and-out, in-and-out, there will be an ending to this, Bob pushing his hot cum into the Joe---not even realizing that Joe has already cum in the meantime.

Bob withdraws. Joe’s ass is throbbing: he rises from the table, still hot and with walking difficulties. But Joe's in another, better world now.

Bob puts his pants, straightens his cock and goes away.

Jim is counting the hours now, until he will receive further instructions from his new mentor.