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Wrestling positions (no. 67)

By Winthrop Smith

Right behind, an embrace, then
Bear hug, dragged and distracted,
Worked my cock, a reversal,
Clamping chains, then he shackled;

Words accused, and then sentenced,
Wrapped for burial, stuck in
Hole, the dirt shoveled, neck high,
Packed down, workers departed;

Savage Road, Richmond, Holstein
Cows, lug, Theodore, docile,
Isadora, seduced toward
Pasture's gate, at the wood's edge;

Three males, legal age, play roles:
Doctor; p.a.; male nurse; a
New contender plays patient,
Sits, exposed, to unscripted;

Squatting, standing, this patient
Circle witnessed in silence,
See me eyeing the stones piled,
White and coarse, within arms reach;

Pierced by arrow, they staggered,
Soon collapsed, birds stilled, dogs drawn,
Curious, scenting death, the
Buried carcasses fed grass;

Tossed, sting, scrape, taking time to
Aim, to gauge my reactions,
Close in, thrown hard, at forehead,
Bones crack, blood pours, I'm blinded;

Winthrop Smith lives in Maine and writes poetry. Three volumes with his work are out on Amazon.