They are waiting

By John W. King

Saving his heat,
Or so he promised.

heapless ransom,
excessive boredom,
calibrated pressure overwhelms him,
or is meant to do.

Utter conscience as he delves,
beauty rising,
his prick first.

They are waiting,
they have plans,
the schemers,
he doesn't know,
he knows.

He's lonely with his bulge.

he drops all pretension
and his briefs,
desire exposed,
it's so subtle.

Undulating his dick,
their chains around his neck,
Somebody gets the message,
and works, licks, sucks, swallows, spits, chockes,
Hands around his shaft,
He assists.

Heat rising.
Loins comes to mind.
Caliber. Pretension. Thoughtfulness,
all those words that mean nothing when
your a fountain.

John W. King teaches forensics and negotiation at San Francisco State University. He's infamous.