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The White Stud presents

Coundown (10) --- the hottest pictures by the best artists (160-151)


Kent Neffendorf

Pedro Palanca (1968-2014)

Douglas Simonson

Kent Monkman

Unidentified artist (based on Lovis Corinth (1858-1925))

Piros Coltman

Samuel Steward aka Phil Andros (1909-1993)

Theo Blaze

Nancy Peach

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  1. Amazing works. Congratulations to all artists who bring their visions to life and share them with us all.

  2. Great work, Michael! Thanks.

  3. All Wonderful works. Douglas Simonson and Nancy Peach are my favourites.

  4. Love the Sam Steward, aka Phil Andros, piece. Very fetching and innocent.

  5. This is a great collection of works, but the one attributed to Lovis Corinth is only BASED on his painting by him. Here's the real deal:

  6. Thanks folks, you are so sweet. Maxglitz: to be honest, I got the name of the artist from Google Reverse image search ("most likely"), and frankly, I'm not so certain, given that canvasses in those days wouldn't do, you know, erections....but then...we are lustspiel..so, in doubt, erect...

  7. While we are at it: the thing here ("hottest") is about the erotic vibes, which are not always sustained by explicicity (neologism, not very good, but not very bad either). The one with the most vibes, on my account, is by Simonson, by the way, the only non-explicit picture.


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