Dennis Cooper --- a poem (not by Dennis Cooper)

By Winthrop Smith

(Dennis Cooper is  a distinguished gay American writer who made the news recently when his blog was confiscated by its provider, Google's Blogger)

Dennis Cooper

In the dreams, you are
Somewhat older than
The boys, but
Still are young,
-In the dreams, you are
-Surrounded by boys,
-But can't find
-One of them;
The boys are stoned and
Thin, beautiful, with
Asses of
Smooth promise,
-The boys are arts schooled,
-Or prep school athletes,
-Frisky in
They dangle price tags,
Snag tight pairs of jeans,
Tangled tees,
Lipping joints,
-They're scrubbed clean, clear skinned,
-Two-for-one sippers,
-Dressed up by
-Store discounts;
They hang out under
Overhead's arm pit,
Eyes headlight,
Chickens winged,
-Groupies, just roommates
-Unglue, head, hunger
-Urging, back
-Brushed, heart's throb;
Trade stalls, window down,
Boys drift toward, lean in,
Squints, convo,
Boys slides in,
-Photo booth curtained,
-Mugshots flashed, gropings,
-Lounge act bailed;
Zipper: car parked, dicks
Sucked, bills exchanged, boy
Takes off, man
Wipes, drives home,
-Polaroid: drinks plied,
-Small talk, shirts tugged, rest,
-The bases
-Are loaded;
Strip search: dressed/undressed,
Hands raised, mouth fingered,
Cock swabbed, ass
Spread wide, rimmed,
-Pentax: exposure's
-Island film sanded
-Off to see
-Their tan lines;
Subbing: selected
Roles played to death while
Gagged, costumed,
In dim light,
-Super 8: ferried
-Boy, paradise found,
-Candy store
-Skimpy suits;
Escort: hose lodged, shit
Purged, fingers to fist
Shoved, stretching
Fee to fear,
-Pencil: hand en pointe,
-Traveler packing
-On the tour;
Wet dream: swim team stud
Tied to locker bench,
Suit yanked, sucked
Off, bullied,
-Oil: absorbing taint's
-Calculated spills,
-Layers draw
-In to cure;

Winthrop Smith lives in Maine and writes poetry. Three volumes with his work are out on Amazon.