The semen stains of my husband on Monica Levinsky's dress...

Lustspiel has been keenly following the US election campaign, including Hillary Clinton's preparations for the televised debates between her and Donald Trump. The communis opinio appears to be that Trump will throw any conceivable dirt at her, including Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Levinsky. What should be her answer? This should be her answer:

"The semen stains of my husband on Monica Levinsky's dress are as irrelevant to the future of America as Donald Trump's stains on the dresses of Marla Maples, Rowanne Brewer, and many other fine ladies. What is relevant: Donald Trump is totally unfit to lead America. A character like him near the nuclear codes is a danger to world peace."


  1. Fake statement never made by Hillary Clinton.

  2. Yes, CValer, why don't you just read the post. The imperative "should" should underline the statement's counterfactuality; in other words, it does NOT insinuate that she actually made this statement (...but that she "should" make it)---capice?


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