On the surface of love

By Michael Ampersant (text) and Jan v. Rijn (graphics)

(This is a small excerpt from J.v. Rijn's recently published book "In the woods and on the heath; another book of prayers." For more information and a buy link, scroll down)

On the surface of love,
he messes around like an ice skate.
He glides,
leaves grooves,

He's something to be proud of.
He's fast.
He's coming quickly,
Inside me, and outside,
And wherever his cum will take him.

He's never wasted.
People adore his jizz,
lick it up,
Suck it up.
Other people,
They swallow it wholesale.

Sometimes they ask,
Do you know him?
He's good. Such a load!
Did you ever try?


Yes, I say. He was  my boyfriend.
What? They ask. Ooh, so sorry.

Always the same thing, I say.
Yeah, right, they say, messing around.
On the surface of love.

Jan v. Rijn's highly bibliophile book "In the woods and on the heath; another book of prayers" combines fifty of his drawings with corresponding texts by authors such as Paul Eluard, Louis Aragon, and, yes Lustpiel's own Michael Ampersant. Click on the cover for a buy-link:

Michael Ampersant