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The most beautiful men --- what do gay men like?

no. 80

A cri de coeur reaches us from the creative desk of Alex Hogan, editor of Gay Flash Fiction and author of LustSpiel's latest short story: "In your room." Writes she:

"OK, here's something I don't understand. What is it with all these gay books with covers of over buffed men? The over worked muscles? I saw one the other day where the guys pecs were so over done that he looked like he had breasts. I mean, what the---? From a heterosexual female perspective, I think that looks horrible. I don't want my man to have breasts! And the over developed neck muscles that make the guy look like he is standing with a slouch?

no. 48

"These over-developed-muscles are bloody horrible. Sure, I like them to look hard, healthy, not soft and lacking in any muscles tone, but that is all. Oh, man! I hate it. And I know I am not the only woman who feels that way.

"So, do all gay men like the over developed muscle look, or is it just the modern commercial obsession with muscles, much like the female obsession with being thin? (which also looks very unsexy, and straight men don't like)."

no. 23 (the model for Maurice Dymond in Michael Ampersant's GREEN EYES)

So we ask The White Stud, pseudonym of a Harley Street Psychotherapist (and recently appointed agony aunt of this magazine) to answer Alex's query.

A picture beats a thousand words, The Stud writes, so here are a few examples of muscles and skin and definitions that we do like. We don't like "over," but we like it just right.

no. 16

 (All pictures from GQ's list of world's most beautiful men 2012)