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The trip to Verona (2)

By John W. King

(John W. King has been visiting Verona, Italy. He lost his luggage on the flight, that's why he's scantily dressed.)

"I lost my luggage."

Our first destination will be the Roman Theater on the other side of the river, the tour guide says. The city, known during antiquity for its loose ways, specialized in erotic plays, especially by the noted comedian Plautus. He points at the wall. "This original painting is still very well preserved," he says.

"Your satyr."

"It's your run-of-the-mill satyr of course. Take my word for it."

"Satyr?" asks one of the female members of our group.

"Satyr?" she asks.

"Satyr," our tour guy answers, whose name is Rudy, or Jeezus.

His name is Rudy, or Jeezus.

"Jeezus" is because he's always getting something wrong, like wrapping yourself up in the flag when the real enemy is Donald Trump.

The real enemy is Donald Trump

But gradually we're getting used to that.

Rudy tells a bit more about the Roman Theater

So Rudy tells a bit more about the Roman Theater, how it emulated the Greeks and so on.

Emulating the Greeks.

Until the guardian appears, the guardian of the Roman Theater. "You don't look the guardian at all," the female member of the group say, the one with a lot of lipstick.

"I'll show you!"

"I'll show you," the guardian answers.
"Nice," the woman answers, and shucks her negligee.

"Nice," she answers, and shucks her negligee.

This is real, folks, we are not making this up.

We are not making this up (1)

We are not making this up (2)

We're not making this up (for twinks)

(Stay tuned)

John W. King teaches forensics and negotiation at San Francisco State University. He's infamous.