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Black Escalade (2) --- What JJ didn't know

By Glenn Williams

(Story begins here)
Abbaad Johnson's bedroom is everything you would expect a wildly successful football player's bedroom to be: huge and masculine, with a massive bed front and center. Abbaad spreads his massive black arms wide as if to say, "Impressive, isn't it?" but he doesn't actually say it. I nod my head, showing my appreciation.

Of course the real test is not how good the bedroom looks, but how well it's used.

Abbaad slumps into a large antique leather overstuffed chair the color of old bomber jackets. JJ, his huge black muscle stud driver, who still must be slick between the ass cheeks from the fuckin' I just gave him, kneels down before Abbaad and begins removing his boss's shoes.

"Have a seat," Abbaad says in his tenor voice. "Mi casa..." His voice trails off because I have been removing my shirt slowly, staring right into his eyes. Abbaad sucks his lower lip into his mouth, his tongue licking, licking. When my shirt's off, I toss it onto a sofa in front of a huge picture window overlooking the lights of the city, just illuminating in the dusk.

I raise my hands and lock them behind my head, my feet spread wide. Abbaad stares at my armpits. His hand is rubbing his crotch, which has begun tenting in his pants. JJ stands and begins to leave the room.

"Where are you going?" I ask. JJ stops and glowers at me.

"I want us to be alone-" Abbaad starts.

"I want us to be alone."

"No," I say. My hand goes to my crotch and I heft my package a time or two. Abbaad and JJ's eyes are glued there. "JJ stays. I have plans for him." JJ's face goes very hostile. He walks right up to me, his face only inches away. I don't flinch.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" he growls like a bulldog. "Mr. Johnson's in charge here. Not you."

I stare into his brown eyes like I'm the meanest motherfucker in town. The corner of my lip curls up in a sneer. There is fire in JJ's eyes like he really wants to hit me.

"No," I say, calmly. "Mr. Johnson is not in charge here. I am in charge here." There is a flicker in JJ's eyes which he is probably kicking himself right now for letting me see. It is a flicker of desire. A licker of lust.

"Now get undressed," I command.

"Listen, asshole-" he barks.

"Get undressed!" I roar back.

JJ screws up his mouth a little like he's gritting his teeth. He turns to Abbaad who is smiling the biggest, horniest smile a man can. He nods his head at JJ, all the while kneading his crotch with his huge, fat football player hands.

JJ turns back to me. He doesn't back off at all, but pulls his tight black t-shirt up over his head. His chest is so black Nubian beautiful blue and as massive as I've ever seen and instantly my hands are there. I am rubbing his pec muscles in slow circles, my fingers lingering over his nipples which are beginning to jut out like towers. He grunts so softly I'm not even sure Abbaad can hear it. He is staring into my eyes and I swear to Christ he has a look of wild power, almost like he's not sure whether to beat me or fuck me, but whatever he does it's going to be hard and relentless.

"You fuckin' watchin' this, Johnson?" I say. Abbaad has his cock out. Abbaad's cock is fucking massive. Very thick, hell, I'd probably have a hard time getting my mouth wide enough and I'm pretty good at opening my mouth for cock. It is long too and the color of eggplants with a hard dark pink head. He could use two hands if he wanted, but he's only using one. His left. Overhand. He's slowly stroking it, his eyes glued to JJ and me. His goose egg balls in their brown and grey ballsack are rising and falling with each stroke.

Abbad has his cock out.

"I'm watching," he says in a dreamy voice.

I pinch one of JJ's nipples. He trembles slightly but doesn't buckle. Barely moves. I pinch it harder. His mouth opens slightly and he takes a quick intake of breath. I lean in and kiss him. His full soft lips open wide and his tongue invades my mouth and mine goes out to meet his. I feel his muscled arms surround my shoulders and pull me to him, crushing me against his rock hard chest.

Abbaad groans from the bomber leather chair, his cock rock hard in his hand.

When we've kissed ourselves dizzy, I pull off JJ. He is panting, out of breath with lust. So am I. I put both hands back on his chest and my tongue goes between his pecs. I lick the tight curls of black hair there, like a dog licking his balls. JJ's meaty hand goes behind my head, pressing me into it. He's being rough, but considering what I've done to him, I guess he's allowed.

I slide to my knees, my tongue all the while tracing a hot wet line from his pecs to his solar plexus, across his rippling hard abs to his hot outie belly button, to the treasure trail of black curly circled pubes leading to the top of his black jeans and his enormous package. On my knees in front of this massive man, I tremble a little myself, but quickly regain my composure.

My hands pull his jeans open fast, almost catching the zipper in my haste. I grab his pants and underwear and yank them to the floor. His cock, so long and hard and straight, comes out and smacks me across the face. I try to catch it with my open mouth, but fail. Emboldened, JJ grabs his cock and smacks me in the face with it. I hear Abbaad gasp, "Oh my God!"

I smile a thin, crooked evil grin. "Slap me again with your rod, big man," I say. JJ takes his anger out on my face. He beats me with his long, rubbery cock. His cock smacks my forehead, smacks my cheek, smacks my lip. I got to tell you, it does hurt a little, getting smacked around by a big hard cock, but I'm so fucking turned on right now, I don't want to stop him and it's not long before his cock is slathering precum on my face, covering it with sticky, salty man slime.

His cock is slathering precum.

When JJ's got that out of his system, I grab him by the balls, wrapping my fist around his nutsack and pulling down on it. "Ungh," he grunts. One of his hands is on the back of my head; the other is twisting one of his nipples.

"You still watching, Johnson?" I say. Abbaad is watching, but he's lost in the pleasure of his full-throttle jacking off. His pants are on the floor and his shirt is wide open and his cock is thwack thwack thwacking in his fist. "Yes," Abbaad says breathlessly, "You're in charge."

I swallow hard once or twice. Yawn wide. Lick my lips. And dive down onto JJ's cock, swallowing it all the way to the hilt. His long engorged cock goes all the way down my throat. Hell, it feels like it's in my stomach and it takes everything I've got, every bit of experience, not to gag and pull off.

"Fuck!" JJ hollers, throwing his head back and grabbing my head with both hands.

"Oh my God!" Abbaad groans.

I dive down.

I suck JJ's cock with all the suction and power and desire I got and I can feel JJ's legs tremble and I'm pulling on his ballsack to increase the pleasure and the horniness of it. When I need oxygen, I pull back to the tip of his cock, mouthing it like a massive sucker, breathing as deep as I can, before lunging back down again.

"Aw, shit!" Abbaad groans. He's about to cum. He's thrashing about in the leather bomber overstuffed chair, sweat pouring off his broad football player's chest, his enormous arms wildly whacking his huge goddamn cock and as thick as it is, his cock is flipping back and forth, flinging precum all over the chair and his thighs and his rock-hard stomach.

The sight is fucking awesome. I could cum just watchin' him pleasure himself, I swear to Christ, it is so fucking hot. Instead, I slowly pull off JJ's cock, squeezing it firmly in my fist to keep him from jacking or cumming. We both watch Abbaad jacking off. JJ's licking his lips, his cock beating and beating in my fist. His eyes are glued to Abbaad.

"Shoot, sir," he says soft and low as an earthquake. "Shoot it... for me, sir."

And Abbaad's cock jerks and he shouts and cum shoots and shoots up, God it must be three feet into the air. He is shouting from the pure fuck feeling of it and JJ is mindlessly stroking my head and cooing as he watches Abbaad cum and cum and cum.

God, it must be three feet in the air.

I stand up off my knees and put my arm around JJ, feeling the heat of his torso against my armpit and arm. When Abbaad is done hollering and there is cum streaming in thick lava flows down his throbbing cockshaft and the cum is pooling all over his lap, I go to my belt buckle and begin unbuckling.

"Now JJ," I say, "it's time to give Abbaad Johnson what it is he really wants." I drop my pants to the floor, kicking out of my shoes and pants and letting them lay where they fall. "Get him on the bed, JJ."

JJ moves in pure masculine form toward Abbaad. He is beautiful. Graceful, dark black muscle and his cock swaying whenever he moves. He helps Abbaad out of the chair and helps him out of the last of his clothes. Abbaad stumbles toward the bed with JJ guiding him.

"On your knees, Johnson," I bark.

Abbaad stops a moment and looks at me. His eyes are sparkling. "What are you going to do to me?" he whines, but he doesn't mean it. It's the game we're playing. The game where the hunter gets hunted and the tables are turned on the big famous pampered football player and suddenly he becomes the cockwhore slut he's always longed to be. He may have never known it's what he really wanted, until this very moment.

"On your fucking knees!" I order. I walk over and shove him on his back. He falls onto the bed, not really because I have the power to move this mountain of a man, but because he's horny, so much hornier than he's ever been and he's willing to go wherever I order him. He climbs onto his hands and knees at the edge of the bed, his ass spread wide and dark and full of musky horny promise. His balls dangle between his thighs like a stallion's and my cock is so hard, throbbing before this beautiful man's hard muscled ass, I can barely control myself.

"JJ!" I command. "Johnson will finish what I started."

JJ's face drops, like he's shocked by the suggestion. "I- I-" he stammers. "Mr. Johnson is in charge. I- He is always the one-"

I walk up to him and grab his cock in my fist, squeezing it tight. JJ's eyes close and he groans out loud. "He's always wanted it," I whisper to him. "He's always wanted you."

JJ's eyes fly open; they are on fire. A light has gone off in his head, something Jj has never seen till this moment. Lust is arcing off his face as he turns and moves around to the head of the bed. He kneels on the bed in front of Abbaad, his hard, long cock just inches from Abbaad's face.

"Is it true, sir?" JJ says. "Did you always want me to... to be in charge?"

"Is it true, sir? You always wanted me to be in charge?"

Abbaad looks up at JJ. "Yeah, dawg," he whispers. "I've wanted it for so long." He licks his lips, staring at JJ's cock throbbing in front of him. "For so long... sir!"

And Abbaad plunges his mouth down JJ's colossal cockshaft. JJ howls and puts his hand between Abbaad's shoulder blades. He begin bed. The sight's too much and I feel my balls rise and my cum shoots and shoots out my cock into the sheath high up Abbaad's tight hot chute.

"Whoa, shit!" I holler.

Abbaad is quaking, trying to contain the pure rush of its firm hip thrusts into Abbaad's gaping mouth. Abbaad does a heroic job, slurping and sucking on that raging hardon attacking his face.

By this time, I've rolled a condom down my beating cock and lubed it up all slick and ready. I place a hand on Abbaad's lower back. My cockhead nuzzles up between his ass cheeks, right up to his pucker.

"Now I'm gonna ride you, bitch," I say between my teeth. "Get ready to be my little cumwhore, Johnson." Abbaad groans as my cock slides into his asshole. He stops sucking JJ a moment to focus on the pain and the pleasure in his asshole.

"Goddamn," Abbaad says softly. "Goddamn." His huge muscular back spreads out before me, rippling and bowing as his ass adjusts to this invasion. I wait until I feel his assring soften, giving it little thrusts to encourage it to loosen up. His ass is so hot and muscular and I can't believe I'm here sticking my ol' bear cock into Offensive Guard Abbaad Johnson's tight manhole. After a moment, my cock pops deep into his ass, past the tight spot, and Abbaad groans and starts seriously sucking JJ off again.

And we start a rhythm, the tree of us on this enormous bed - JJ bucks his hips and round muscular ass, thrusting his long hard shaft deep down Abbaad's throat, I thrust my hips and balls against Abbaad's ass slap, slap, slapping my cock deeper with each thrust, and Abbaad rocks forward and backward to take as much man cock into each hole in his body as much and as deep as possible.

For ten or fifteen minutes, there is nothing in this room but the sound of flesh slapping flesh, the sound of mouths sucking and slurping and groaning and the sight of muscle rippling and pounding and tensing with the orgasmic power that is the power of men having hot, rutting, animal sex. And there is sweat and loud hearts beating and I think this is the best, the absolute best.

The sound of flesh slapping flesh.

We fuck with wild abandon until suddenly JJ roars like a fucking tiger and cum is spurting out Abbaad's mouth. Abbaad is trying to swallow as fast and as much as he can, but there's no way and the cum is pooling down his chin and onto the. Swallowing and slurping and his asshole twitching and clamping down on my cock. Abbaad is pure animal now, just licking and rubbing and pig grunting, trying to get as much of JJ as possible. JJ slowly pulls his cock out of Abbaad's mouth and smears the rest of his ropey cum on Abbaad's smiling face.

I have kind of collapsed onto Abbaad's wide, strong back, just taking in the hard huge musculature of the man. My cock is drained and slowly it softens, slipping out of his ass. After catching my breath, I stand up and slap Abbaad's hard round ass with a smack!

Abbaad laughs, collapsing onto the bed. JJ drops beside him and Abbaad curls up in Jj's arms. JJ leans down and covers Abbaad's face with tiny, wet kisses. His cock is still leaking pearls of thick cum. I watch these two men, my heart still pounding in my chest and my cock twitching in a semi-hard state. I pull the condom off my cock and three-point it into a wastebasket.

The sight of Abbaad and JJ, these two hard, muscled guys covering each other with tender kisses is so hot and so... fuck, I can't help but smile. I turn around and slowly gather my clothes.

"Hey, coach," Abbaad says to me. I turn and see them both looking at me, huge nasty grins on each of their faces.

"Yeah, boss?" I say.

"Nice play," Abbaad says. I smile. Jesus, these guys are hot.

I turn to leave, but I hear JJ's voice behind me, low like thunder and growling. "Did I say you could go?" I grin and turn back. The two of them are making room between them.

"Come back to bed," JJ says. "That's an order."

I drop my pants to the floor. Who am I to say no?

 Mutantbearman (Glenn Scofield Williams) writes poetry, prose, plays, periodica, and porn in Portland, Oregon, USA. He has published over 50 articles in gay and straight newspapers, poetry in magazines and online, and is working on his first full-length non-fiction. His erotica includes steamy stories about bears, chubs, muscle guys, doms and subs, bisexuals, and others. He lives with his boyfriend Nathan and two (wicked) pussycats.