Name withheld

By Winthrop Smith

 Art by Hannes Steinert

Room length wood bar, bar
Length mirror back, booze
Pours, prep boys,
Steak knife slots,
     -Koch, Krivit, Stormy,
     -Tree, Brad, Howard, Tim,
     -Rock, Andy,
     -Janis, Bill;

Eyeballs suspended
In wire sockets
     -Three sites, thrice circled,
     -Sitters clocked, sit on
     -Cocks of, known,
     -And renowned;

Green bottles, held out,
Sweat droplets, blue smoke
Launched toward the
Ceiling vents,
     -Male heads populate
     -Perimeters, weave
     -Among men
     -In crescents;

(Fanned out) Heineken,
Perrier, Woolrich,
Levi's, Hanes,
     -Tongue plunges, fingers
     -Twist, hand travels to
     -A foothold;

Yellow, eddies on
Side street pavement, and
Splashes as
Taxis pass,
     -Shadows shout out, then
     -Murmurings, measured
     -Footsteps, paired,
    -Lone siren;

Surplus mannequins,
Watch caps, striped scarves,pea
Coats, double
Breasted, black,
     -Cold night's breath, fleeting
     -Spectral conjectures,
     -Penciled sketch
     -Which feints lines;

Lights flicked, coats, - pockets
Bulked with caps, scarves, gloves-
The gauntlets
Slung on chairs,
     -Dueling images,
     -This, vulnerable
     -Soul, rendered
     -On fibers;
An unveiling, his
Pedestal knocked, the
Model falls
On his back,
     -Petals pulled apart,
     -Anther proffers it's
     -Prized granules;
Posed through periods
Pipe circulated
Hot, toilets
Flushed, trash dropped,
     -Resuscitate, mouth
     -On mouth pressed, stroking
     -Cheek, hair strands,
     -Finding eyes;
After, December,
Expression clothing
What dangled
Between legs,
     -Fairytale ice prince
     -Floated out to see,
     -At end of
     -Story bored.

Winthrop Smith lives in Maine and writes poetry. Three volumes with his work are out on Amazon.