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The night of 1,000 Colors

By LeNair Xavier

(All pictures by or with LeNair)

I recently went to an underwear party. The underwear party had a backroom. The white patrons quickly paired or grouped off with other white guys, not caring much about looks, just as long as they had a "socially acceptable" color of pale white to caramel brown, and slim, average, or athletic bodies. Black guys like myself were left to overcompensate for the feeling of discouragement by allowing themselves to be looked upon as a fetish object by the remaining white/light guys "wanting some #BBC (Big Black Cock)".

My cock is proportionate

Well, I was not settling for that. Because (1) my cock is proportionate, not #BBC, and (2) even for those who believe it is #BBC, I was not going to entertain their blatant fetshizing. I'm better than that. So I had faith that sticking to my guns was going to pay off....


Venturing to the backroom, I'm looking to observe. Not looking, or even expecting action. However, I am welcoming to some action if someone has the face, body, and/or spirit to spark my interest. At this underwear party backroom however, much like at a sex party, I was looking to hook-up.
I walked through the crowd to see if there were any displays to inspire me, and for the aforementioned racism, I didn't see anything. Then a handsome white guy came up to me. We looked at each other, and kissed. And then---he immediately went to down on me. It felt good. There was another guy nearby, and he got in on it. This guy obviously was looking to suck as many hot cocks as possible. Then an Asian guy came over, and this guy started sucking his dick.

Now, this guy doing all the cock-sucking was bad at it. I would get hard, but never got fully erect. Hence how this tweet came to be:

He went on to suck kept sucking 2 other guys. Then he focused on the 1st guy who joined in, the Asian focused more on me, and me on him. I went down on him, and soon he was getting me back on my feet to turn me around and bang my ass.

He was muscular, and such smooth skin. I was so eager for him that with just a spit of lube he got in. It had been about a month since the last time I bottomed. So my hole was not hungry, but horngry. And this Asian guy's hotness definitely made him qualify. And the way he banged into my ass even more so.

We were standing at first, then I saw there was room behind a sofa. I leaned on the back of it while he thrusted into me. Unlike in a previous post, where I said that because of porn portraying black guys uniformly as tops, a black guy bottoming was not something gay males thought they should want to see. Well, somehow we got some people coming to watch us. Not many, but enough. And I figured that it was because that while they were watching a black man bottoming, they were seeing something that (again, thanks to gay porn) they had never seen before...An Asian as a top, and I surmised what made us more of a spectacle was the fact that it was an Asian topping a Black guy.

We got some people coming to watch us

Whatever, it wasn't important to me. Asian or not, I was getting my ass plowed by a guy who gave me some good dick. This great start of action made me need to drink. I got a soda, danced a bit, then went back to observe some more.

This time, I saw some guys gathered around for some reason. I walked over, and this Latino checked me out. He was good-looking, and a bit muscular. I returned his glance, and he started feeling me up. I returned the favor and went down on him, Not too long after, I could feel his cock throb a few times in my mouth. At which point, he lifted me back to standing, then turned me around. He then asked for a condom. And since I always carry my thigh pack prepared for such events, I gave him one. While he put the condom on, I used that as a chance to put a little bit of Pjur Backdoor from a sampler bottle in my pack on and in my ass.

He started pounding me, and I realized we were behind the same sofa the Asian and I had used. A few guys came around and watched. This time however, a few stayed. One of them who stayed was a hottie I saw earlier who was with another hottie I figured was his partner. My uncertainty about ethnicity made me unsure as to whether this hottie was Latino or light Middle Easterner, but his partner was definitely white. The unsure hottie had his cock out stroking it as he watched me bottom for the Latino. While bend over taking that cock, I reached for the unsure hottie's dick, and he didn't stop me. In fact, he moved in closer. So while getting my ass pounded, I sucked his cock.

This seemed to draw more of a crowd. Shocking due to the aforementioned perception of blacks in a predominately white event only be tops, which was thrown out the window by me bottoming. So I guess what got their attention was that I once again, gave them something they hardly ever see.... A black guy using both ends to fuck with neither guy being black as well.

They were probably stunned to see such a thing happen in the real world

The last time any of them might have seen that in porn was if they saw me in "69 Fuck Street" in the 1st scene of the movie where I'm the bottom in a 3-way scene with Duke Rivers and Jake Corwin.

So they were probably stunned to see that such a thing happen in the real world.

To be honest, I never really found myself in such a 3-way too often. However, in the past I recall the spontaneity of it making it hard trying to make my sucking rhythm match the rhythm of the fucking from behind. Well, I found it. And many were watching.

After a certain point, the Latino fucking me from behind stopped. So I focused on the unsure hottie, who had a massive cock. I stood up after a bit, then we started kissing. I then saw his white partner get behind me. I wasn't sure if he was going behind me to watch, or to be the next to get inside, but I started feeling on him inviting him to be the latter. And he took me up on my offer.

So now, I was back in the same position, but with a couple. Again, it was drawing attention, and it was many of the same faces still there watching. So with the white hottie being bigger than the Latino, I think their shock intensified by seeing me take a pounding again with an even bigger guy. Then the white hottie stopped. I then stood up, and the unsure hottie turned me around. Finally taking the turn that all my sucking was inviting and preparing him for.

Again, it was drawing attention

Not only was he tall, and well-built with a huge cock, but to top it all off, he fucked hard. All of the weight of those muscles banged into my ass while his thick dick opened up my hole even more than the previous 3 tops. In fact, it seemed like every top thus far was getting thicker and thicker to prepare me for taking him in.

And as I'm writing this I realized something... Being topped by 2 guys is a tag-team, but being topped by 3 or more at a time is a gangbang. So I had just took on 3 consecutive dicks, This means that I had my 1st experience as a gangbang bottom. No wonder after that ass-pounding, I went and got a real drink.

I got my drink

Then I went back to the dancefloor. To get in some exercise by dancing and sweat out the alcohol. A Latino tried flirting with me, even though he was already with a dark-skinned Middle Easterner and a white twink. This Middle Easterner seemed to be his partner, and along with the twink wanted no part of me. So the Latino who started off reaching out for me had to resort to acting uninterested. So I wrote them off as another stereotypical dysfunctional gay relationship, and in the great words of Robyn I kept "dancin' on my own". But at least I wasn't hanging out with misery looking over my shoulder.

A little white later I went back to the backroom. After my last go-around, I was really no longer looking to hook-up. Now, I was in my usual mode in a backroom to be an observer open to a chance encounter. As I made my way through the crowd, I saw this medium-brown Middle Easterner who had been checking me out on the dance floor simultaneously as the aforementioned incident happened.

There was a about 1 or 2 guys between us but we caught each other's eyes and smiled at each other. I knew he was with someone. A good-looking well-built dark-skinned black guy, who didn't seem to mind our flirting. So I made my way over to the Middle Easterner and started making out with him. During a break from kissing, I did officially introduce myself to both of them. Then the Middle Easterner wanted me to go down on him. So I gladly obliged. Soon after, he picked me up from squatting on the floor, and turned me around. And you know what that means...

I was about to bottom again

I was about to bottom again. So this was Cock #5. He fucked my ass standing up with slow thrusts. Then when my peripheral vision saw a space on the sofa behind us, I suggested we continue there. I asked if he wanted me on my back. He replied being fine with whatever position I wanted. So I chose missionary. He continued his slow thrusts, which kept teasing my ass because his dick felt so damn good. And there were moments when he did pound it, and that made me moan louder, and wiggle my toes.

At one point, his partner came up behind him, and fucked him while he fucked me. Too bad I only have 2 hands, and they could only reach so far. Because I wanted to grope both of their bodies, while the Middle Easterner gave me his dick, and his thrusts into me came from his partner thrusting into him.

The Middle Easterner and myself had moments of stopping, and just looking at each other. And once he got hard again, he wanted more. In between one of those moments, his partner took a turn on me. So I was finally getting to learn for myself what the Middle Easterner got during that 3-way, and their other encounters of his partner as the top.

I thought we might all be done with each other. The black guy had left to play elsewhere, and the Middle Easterner was slouching on the sofa stroking his dick. But one of our glares at each other had him inviting me over to him again. His thick dick laid there fat anticipating my ass wrapped around it again. So I straddled him, and we went back and forth between his slow thrusts revving up my hard rides and grinds. His partner came back, and saw the whole thing. When we were done, neither one of us had come from all of this. I just got up, and stood there for a second to catch my breath. I was sweating like a pig. His partner saw my sweat, and told me how hot watching us fuck was to him. I looked back at him, and noticed him being just a tad sweaty as well. He replied telling me that it was from watching me and his partner.

After this go-around, I really thought we were done

After this go-around, I really thought we were done. I walked around the backroom again. Found a Latino playmate who grinded up against my ass while I jerked off, and made me cum. Then I thought I was passing the Middle Easterner. We smiled at each other, and no passing by was allowed. Instead, he pulled me to him, and turned me around, and fucked me again. After awhile, I heard a moan I never heard from him before. Then his cock slipped out of me.

I turned and asked him, "Did you come?"

He replied, "Yes. Sorry." Apologizing because we did just fuck raw.

I told him, "Don't apologize. There's none required. Because from the moment I let you inside my ass, making your hot cock shoot a load was my total goal. So thank you."

And he said, "And thank you."

Again, his partner was there to see all of this. After this point, it was officially over. For that was when we all said our goodbyes. And soon after, I called it a night myself.

The beautiful color of the rainbow flag

When I said earlier that I was looking to hook-up, it was much like the night I lost my virginity ----when I was looking to hook-up with one guy, and wound up in a 5-man orgy, but bottoming for only 1. This time however, in a sea of many guys, I was again looking for 1 guy, but this time wound up with 7....6 of them in me. It's 7 because in the midst of all of this, there was a hot bottom I got to top.

The next morning, the Middle Easterner's jizz was oozing out of my ass making my hole wet. Due to my tight hole maintained by Kegels, if I bottom bareback, and a guy comes inside me, I can't do like a pornstar, and squeeze out the jizz. To be honest, I' have never tried, nor do I have any desire to do so. I like knowing my top's sperm are spending some time swimming around inside me after a good fuck.

Despite the sexual racism I witnessed early on, and saw throughout the night, me bottoming for so many guys of so many varieties was not my goal. However, I am human, therefore flawed. So maybe subconsciously I made myself available to these guys as a means to say "Fuck you" to those sexual racists. You never know. Whatever the case, the end result brought a smile to my face. Especially considering the additional pay-off I got.

If you're a friend of mine on Facebook, you know what I'm talking about.

LeNair Xavier originally gained notoriety in the underground as adult entertainer, "Tré Xavier". Before retiring the "Tré Xavier" name in 2011, he did use that persona via his blog and comments on porn blogs to pioneer a public awareness that no other gay porn actor (Black or non-Black) dared to make--- that Black males be also be respectable sex-loving bottoms. Instead of the overcompensating tops using sex to inflict revenge for slavery on Whites. An image of Black males overdone for decades in all orientations of porn, and damaging to influencing non-Blacks of how the sexual spectrum of Blacks is just as wide as those of Whites and every other ethnicity. Well, now, he is making a brand of LeNair Xavier - as a writer, blogger, artist, performer, and model. Still demanding equality, and not just racial equality. But in all areas he believes in, and is asked to lend his voice. Besides his blog, you can find displays of his continuing post-porn journey in one way or another in Diversity Rules Magazine, Next Door Magazine, Q Magazine (Australia) and his YouTube videos.