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We've recently discovered --- Donald Friend (1915 - 1989)


  1. He was a paedophile.
    Un-find him

  2. He was an artist, like Michael Jackson, like Micelangelo, Botticelli, Caravaggio. Let's look at their work rather than the private life.

  3. By the way, paedophilia is for pre-teens girls and boys. The pictures here do not strike me that he painted children...if you want to label him, it would be more appropriate to call him an ephebophile. Bali, where he lived, before the west interfered and missionaries arrived had a culture where children were very early sexualised. Just like Gauguin was offered a 9 year old girl to be his wife. As it its, all sexuality is in theory protected by the human rights in the UN. And boy lovers should therefor have a place in that rainbow pride flag of yours...


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