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When boss gets frisky

 By Mark Greene

When the boss gets frisky

It's been a few months since that infamous night The Boss found that letter. Since then, things have been doing well. Last night when I was editing some pictures he asked how the blog is going. I said, "Its going alright," and left it at that. He never took interest in it before nor do I really care for him to be interested.

He's never been the jealous type

Everyone has their fantasies and/or interests that only they know about. And even though I share my thoughts and experiences with thousands of like minded viewers, the thought of sharing these intimate details with someone who really knows me can be quite overwhelming and embarrassing, as I recently discovered.

He's never been the jealous type so I wondered what sparked his curiosity.

Boss: "So when you're writing your stories do you ever get...... You know!"
"Oh my goodness ! Where is this coming from?" I'm thinking to myself. I look at him somewhat mystified.

"I'm just curious," he says with a coy smile. "Well?"

Me: Yeah often times I will.
Boss: What about when you're shooting all those hot guys? What about this guy?

He points at the image I'm working on.

He points to the image I'm working on. Its an image of a hot daddy in blue jeans with his shirt off and pants slightly unzipped showing of his torso.
"Really!" I exclaim.
"What! I just want to know!" He says teasingly.
"So how do you pose him?"
" I just ask him to do various poses. Often I just let the model do whatever and capture him in the moment," I explain.
Boss: But you do sometimes give them directions?
Me: Of course.
Boss: So what kind of directions did you give this guy? Did you tell him to pull down his pants?
Me: Yes I did.

I opened up some other pics of the same model. There's a picture of him bent over in his underwear.

"So, did you tell him to bend over like that?"

Boss: So did you tell him to bend over like that?
Me: I directed him to try different things.
Boss: Yeah you did! I know how much of an ass man you are...so did you get aroused?

By this time I am totally blushing and embarrassed. But actually rather turned on by the conversation.

Turned on by the conversation.

Boss: He does have a nice ass. He's hot in this picture. I could imagine what a guy with his butt busting out of his undies, bending over; must do to a guy who likes ass as much as you.

At this point my emotions are all over the place. I'm totally embarrassed but getting aroused by the conversation. But also nervous about whether this is going to turn into a jealousy intervention. Either way he's in control of this situation. He is the one who will decide what the turn out will be. All I can do is answer to the best of my ability.

My emotions were all over the place.

Obviously he seemed to have taken an interest as he took a seat near me. Like an inquisitive student asking questions from their teacher, he continued with the inquiries. By now I'm more relaxed with his quizzing but still curious to what spark his sudden interest. As we continued I was eager to show him more of my work from this photo session.

There was a picture of the same model in a very risque position. He was sitting up with his back against the wall spread eagle in some tighty whities.

Nice he moaned lustfully.

By now I'm getting harder and harder but because I'm sitting, he can't see it. I don't know if its looking at those hairy thighs in the picture or the conversation my partner is engaging in. Maybe its a combination of both.

"Nice," he moaned lustfully.

Boss: So tell me how would you pose me. He bends over and pokes his ass out like the guy in the picture.

Boss: Wait a minute I have to pull my pants down.

He waves his butt in my face teasing and playing with me.

"Is that a good pose for you?" He teases.

He knows how much I love seeing him in tighty whities and bending his ass in my faces is calling for trouble. I quickly turn the chair around to face his backside. I grab his hips and bury my nose right in the crack of his butt and inhale as much of him through his chonies as possible. He Knows I'm a horndog and he knows how much I love his ass which is why he teased me the way he did.

We quickly migrated from the office to the bed room where he lay face down on the bed with his ass up in the air.

We quickly migrated to the bedroom.

I began to trace my nose up his thigh.

This may sound gross to some but I love the scent of man butt. I mean he has to be clean and he has to have undies on.

I'm usually not interested in sniffing just a bare butt. I'd rather have him in tighty whities or some type of briefs even boxers. Maybe I am part dog. I don't know. But the scent of a man drives me crazy! Not just his butthole, but all of him.

Boss knows this. He knows that once I'm sniffing him all over, he's gonna get fucked! And not made love to but FUCKED!

So without going into too many details ( I think I've said enough) LOL we had sex that night.

I'm posting this tonight.

I'm posting this tonight.

It is rare that I talk about my sex with my partner because one thing he made clear is that he doesn't want our sex out on here. But I feel like this.........

I have dozens of stories about hook ups and one night stands in which the person means nothing to me and I mean nothing to them. Why the hell not share a hot story about the time I spent deep inside the one I love? I think that would mean more to me than any other experience of my Mischievous Thirties.

Mark writes about his blog: The Male Casting Couch is my journey as an artist to create the masculinity,beauty and eroticism that makes a man who he is. The models I photograph are real men with real lives. The written poetry and literature on my blog are words that express my most erotic thoughts as well as encounters. Please enjoy as I continue on this journey.