New in the gallery --- Frank Webber a.k.a. Bastille

Frank Webber aka Bastille (1929-1991)

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BASTILLE is a pseudonym for the late artist Frank Weber which he took from the name of the Paris Metro station [blissfully unaware, LustSpiel assumes, that it was also the name of the prison where the French 1789 revolution started]. Frank was born in Hackensack, New Jersey, on July 14 1929. After high school, he studied illustration at the Pratt Institute in NYC. He later moved to Paris on a scholarship to practice metal engraving at the studio of John Friedlander. In 1959 he started to work as an illustrator for French fashion magazines and a few years later, began to specialize in billboard illustrations for high-profile architectural projects. His first homoerotic drawings were published under the name Bal in American physique magazines in the late 60's but he first came to prominence through his association with the Danish perve porn magazine Toy in the 80's. Several exhibitions in Amsterdam and New York as well as numerous publications by Revolt Press in Sweden, introduced his work to an enthusiastic audience.

Frank died in 1990 of leukemia. After his death, he quickly became an icon of many homo-cult-groups who had gotten pretty tired of the prudism-wave that dominated homo culture throughout the 80's. Parties in his name and radiating the atmosphere in the same way as his artwork were held in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris... The first Bastille party at SLM Stockholm took place in 1991.


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