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New in the gallery --- Ted Fusby

Ted Fusby

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(From the artist's web site:)

Born in California in 1943, and currently living in Tucson, Arizona.
Education: Bachelor of Architecture, University of California at Berkeley, class of 1966.
Art Studies: I have taken individual classes in drawing and watercolor, but mostly I am self-taught.


Male nudes are such a visual feast that it is a shame that so many people are reluctant to buy them, show them off, or paint them. I like to use them not only for visual pleasure, but to tease the viewer with an unexpected context.

I like to show saints as carnal creatures, and I like tweaked versions of ancient Greek myths. I like modern gay leathermen mixed in with traditional Christian myth. I like ambiguous subjects, such as martyrs who may or may not be saints, and S/M situations which may or may not be Christian. The art museums of Europe are filled with depictions of torture and S/M, which people accept as religious art. How different is it when the saints' attributes are removed?

All of my recent drawings and paintings are done in watercolor and colored pencil, sometimes with additions of metallic watercolor, gouache or ink. The resulting works are both drawings and paintings, and so I use the terms interchangeably when I refer to my own work.