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As you invite Alex...

Alex sends these pictures and writes...(scroll down):

I found it impossible for me to describe the experience I provide to my friends as I’ve never been on the receiving end of my Perfect 10. I asked one of them to describe it for me–here’s what he had to say:
As you invite Alex into your ass, lock eyes with his dispassionate, demeaning gaze, and let him glide into you as you release yourself to him. What ensues is the most hedonistic, carnal, violent fucking that will send waves of pleasurable agony through your shivering body as he climbs deeper and deeper into you. Farther than you can reach with any toy and have never experienced with another top. Alex’s genuine ten inches of thick pleasure tool will find your innermost erogenous zones. Releasing your ass to Alex’s destruction is one of the greatest, shamelessly helpless experiences you’ll know in life. His fast, churning, sledge hammering thrusts will drive you to an ecstasy that is so pure, so necessary. It’s hard to imagine sex before Alex after you’ve spent the night with him. When you reach orgasm, with Alex filling you so completely, your ass stretched so wide open, you’ll probably scream with pleasure as he pours ribbons after ribbons of cum into you. You might just cum yourself, even cum without touching yourself–many do.

 (We reposted this from Dennis Cooper's blog with some modifications)