Tommy Poppers by Tommy Poppers ---very short

(We know him as Mr. E., but here he is again:)

My drag queen friends just told me that, "Tommy Poppers is obviously a drag-king..." **** At this point in our story, the grey clouds part, and a single beam of light reaches down and touches the silver quiff of our dim witted protagonist **** Oh... My... GAY GODS...NOW IT ALL MAKES PERFECT SENSE! Why had this never occurred to me before?

I'm a lesbian trapped in the body of a (versatile) queen. The tomboy hair, CHECK! The Palladium boots, CHECK! The secret feeling that Dolly Parton and Suzanne Vega are infinately better song writers than either Elton John or Rufus Wainwright, CHECK! At last, I feel that I've re-discoverd the 'L' and the 'T', in the 'LGBTQ'. "Out of the way Ma'am, this stage needs a little less conversation, a little more action!"