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Florence --- teaser

Michael Ampersant's new flash story, Florence, is out on Gay Flash Fiction. This is how it starts:

This wasn’t my first time, not even in Florence, but it’s my shtick, if you will. I’ve taken up position on the steps of the Loggia della Signoria, squatting between the statues of Cellini’s "Perseus" and Fedi’s "Rape of the Polyxena". I’m not a prostitute, but I’m a slut with a boy friend who’s a math genius and who’s always busy with his “results”—meaning he’s raising his head with an otherworldly expression on his face when you ask him what he’s doing and then he’s going back to an “open problem” that he found in a yellow, hard-cover math book and solving that problem rather than sucking your dick.

Have a look.