Derek is so fucked

By Dozdudz

Coach knew the new rookie won’t last long on the team. He was too naive, too soft to be on the team. But coach looked after him as much as he could.

The week coach took a leave, the guys got the rookie drunk. In just 5 beers, the rookie was on his back on the floor of locker room taking dicks up his boy pussy and cum in his mouth.

Derek growled. Partly due to the sensation of Stiles slipping his tongue underneath his foreskin to lap at his sensitive cockhead, and partly due to the frustration of letting himself get caught by the scrawny little twink in the first place.

He should’ve known better than to spy on Stiles when the kid was showering after lacrosse, but he had waited until everyone had already filtered out before he even started undressing. It was like a cliché porno, and Derek played his part perfectly. He stood hidden behind one of the locker doors, watching Stiles through the holes as he casually walked around in a skimpy jockstrap, exposing his ass for Derek to see.

On his way to the shower, Stiles drops a can of deodorant on the ground. He bends over to pick his up and accidentally shows off his pucker to Derek. Smooth. The kid shaves, huh. Derek feels his cock harden in his pants despite his mental objection to it. God, he was gross. Spying on Stiles and getting off on nit.

He continued to gaze at Stiles. Derek guesses he has a voyeur kink now. He moves to the edge of the showers when Stiles isn’t looking, continuing to gaze at the human’s naked, wet body. He’s completely naked, if he would just turn around a little…

Suddenly Stiles lobs a small vial at the ground near Derek’s feet, and a purple cloud rises up. Shit, Wolfsbane. Derek curses and accidentally breathes in the sour smelling cloud. Suddenly he feels lightheaded and collapses onto the locker room floor.

He doesn’t now how long it was until he woke up, but Stiles hair was still damn so he assumes that he wasn’t out for long. Stiles looked very smug. Derek supposes that the Wolfsbane was made to incapacitate, not kill. Derek tried to stutter out an excuse as to why he was spying on Stiles, only to realize that he was in his underwear, and his hands were bound above him.

“Stiles… what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Derek says, trying his best to be intimidated. Stiles is still only clad in his jockstrap, and damn Derek wish he didn’t look so fuckable. The last thing he needed was to pop a boner in front of Stiles.

“Well, I could ask the same thing of you, buddy.” Stiles smirks, “I mean, that tent in your pants when you passed out was a pretty clear indicator of what your intentions were.”

“What… no… I wouldn’t–” Derek stammers. This is bad.

“Hush, I get it.” Stiles says, “You’re too broody to go out and actually fuck someone so the slightest glance at a naked guy gets you rock hard.” Stiles straddles the bench, giving Derek a clear view of his bulge. This is very bad. “You don't have to be ashamed about it…” Stiles puts a hand on Derek’s thigh.

And… Derek’s cock betrays him. Straight up like a flagpole. There’s even a tiny wet patch forming where the head of the werewolf’s cock is pressing against the fabric.

“Lemme help with that,” Stiles says, still looking extremely smug as he pulls Derek’s cock out through the slip in his boxers.

“Stiles, don’t!–” Derek shouts but it immediately transforms into a low moan as Stiles takes the head of Derek’s cock into his mouth, moving so that he was lying on his stomach on the bench, his ass clearly visible to Derek.

He gently fondles Derek’s fuzzy balls, moving downwards and rubbing his hand against the man’s hard taint. He even moves further south and rubs a finger against Derek’s pucker. The werewolf growls, trying to dissuade Stiles from trying to finger him. Stiles making him cum from a blowjob was embarrassing enough, he didn’t need to be moaning as the twink pounds against his prostate.

Thankfully, Stiles chuckled and withdrew his hand, going back to throating his cock. Derek was going to cum. This was terrifying in Derek’s mind. Stiles hadn’t even been sucking his cock for 30 seconds yet, and Derek felt the indescribable need to blow his load down Stiles’ throat. He clenches his teeth and growled low, flexing his toes against the locker room tiles as he desperately tried not to cum.

Stiles didn’t slow down, in fact, he seemed to pick up speed sensing that Derek was about to blow his wad. He throated deeper and moaned louder. Derek’s eyes crossed over and he began making desperate threats at Stiles in order to try and get him to stop. Stiles just kept pumping his lips up and down.

And then he did the worst thing Derek could imagine. He angled his ass up so Derek could barely see his tight, pink hole. His tight, pink hole which was now stretched around a dark plug. All Derek could think about was how he wanted that to be his cock inside Stiles.

And he came. Holy fuck, did he come. He let out a roar as he balls drew up and he began pumping jets of cum into Stiles’ throat. Stiles pulled up and eventually began to just suckle at the head of Derek’s cock, drawing out the last few trickles of werewolf jizz as Derek spasmed and shuddered.

“Okay… you’ve had your fun…” Derek gasps, “Let me go.”

Stiles just laughs, “Oh no, Derek.” He reaches down and pulls the plug from his ass, Derek’s cock takes attention instantly. Stupid sexy Stiles.

“Fun’s just starting, stud.” Stiles reattaches his lips tot he head of Derek’s cock.

Derek is so fucked.