Invasive maternalism

(We got this from Homo, which fumes:)

Beyond its horeen cutesiness, this idiotic video has a great deal to say about the state of homo-life today. Two flopsy twins, bossed and nagged by their faghag-mother, is a full testimony as regards the colonization of gay-life by hetero-norms. Since there are no boundaries between you, why not have your mother dictate how you lure on Tinder? Why not allow your girlfriends to come cruising with you? Why not?

Fag life today is so anodyne, so featureless and so basted in neo-liberalism (with a hint of neo-queer spice to make it seem “real” or “ethical” or something) that it may as well be the life at the local mall. The clueless crew above is just that: shopping for pseudo-hetero love at the boutique called LGBTQIIA. The rules are being enforced by a hetero-woman to boys who have no desire to be initiates into darker rites. The closet door is open, gaping.

“Dating” is an unexamined given here. The use of a business-model driven dating site is also blindly accepted as natural law. It all seeks toward the assumption of the hetero-marriage bed as an ideal. It is desexualized in a radical way. This “culture” cuts off homo from homo, and as breaks any traditions or practices gay men might develop as a sexual culture away from the prying eyes of mothers like this. Friendship and affinity do not thrive in markets. Assimilation and coming out have exposed homosexuals to the corrosive awfulness of hetero-boredom.

So the neo-gays have triumphed in so far as they have delivered the gay male market to the powers that be in exchange for the “right” to marry and be murdered in nationalistic wars. The problem comes when this culture creates nothing but misery. Having your mom fluff you will eventually send these two mooks to a psychiatrist, a hangman’s noose or a leather bar.

We are not like the other boys and should not try to be, mommie. Run away from this, dive deep and find others like yourself. Mock the normals and their need to control us, be wild wolves and don’t put it on YouTube.