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New in the gallery -- Nicola Verlato

New in the gallery --- Priapus of Milet

Priapus of Milet

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Most people will know these pictures. Not everybody knows that Priapus of Milet is the artist, the Priapus of 3D fame. 

From his Patreon Page:

My work consist of short homoerotic stories that are told in series of 3D images and short animations, where handsome young men explore the mythological and mysterious phallic world of Priapus. The series relate their heroic encounters while travelling through wonderful, fascinating and sometime dark places, in a realm filled with beautiful guys and strange exotic creatures.

Creating these images is a hobby of mine and I´ve been publishing my work for free, for many years. I would very much like to be able to continue to continue my work, and therefore I kindly ask your support! Your donation will allow me to purchase far better software and equipment to improve the quality of my work and, as freelancer, I´ll be able to spend more time creating these series. Therefore your support will make it possible for my heroes to continue their exciting Priapic adventures and explore whole new areas of my imagination. For more information and a large overview of my work please visit my Priapus Blog.


  1. Love these erotic images. Especially turning on by the Adam and Steve image !!


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