New in the gallery --- Royo Liu

Royo Liu

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(From the artist's Fine Art America page:)

Royo Liu was born in September 1980 in the city of Zhen Jiang in China. At age six he started painting and drawing and was encouraged by his family to pursue his dream of being an artist. He graduated with honors in 2002 in Zhan Jiang Art School. As soon as graduated, he joined Hong Kong Art Ltd as an in-house artist worked in impressionist figurative art area. 2008 he married to a wonderful woman and and has a beautiful daughter. After marriage, he decided to leave Hong Kong Art and started a small family business. In 2012, Royo moved to Italy seeking more artistic freedom and opportunity. Like many artists, Royo has his artistic references and influences, but his talent was surpassed only by his character and his passion for life and for his family. 'I always love art and love to paint, I see meanings, stories through human photos and I have the passion turning them into art. Photos do not speak but Art Does!' Royo perfected his skills painting nudes and figure studies, his exceptional ability is to capture the movements and expressions of his subjects.


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