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"In a galaxy far, far away..."

 By Tommy Poppers (aka Mr. E.)

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away," went the old refrain,

And here she is again, back on the streets wearing her red dress and winking at me from every street corner.
Her vulgar, corporate pimp cajoles me with his rolled-up sleeves and reminds me of her glory,
"She was the respite from your sorrows, remember?
Remember the adventure you had together?
And that feeling that one day you would get away;
Far, far away..?"

Begrudgingly I concede, and I give the rolled-up sleeve his money as he leads me into the darkness.
I take off my sweater and settle into the red velvet chair and for a moment, I contemplate the awkwardness of the situation;
No one really needs to be here.
No matter how gratifying the immediate pleasures to come,
Ultimately something has been lost in this transaction.
She has been coerced from her peaceful retirement just to satisfy my warped desire for nostalgia.
Slowly, she lifts her fringed skirt again and I stare at the old refrain,
"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."