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"Let's share the delights of Bryaxis"

By JP Kenwood

(Artwork by Priapus of Milet)

Gaius Fabius Rufus, Rome's second in command under the rule of Emperor Trajan (98-117 AD), has just purchased a Dacian prince to serve as his pleasure slave at a private auction in Rome. He's now visiting his best friend and secret lover, the lawyer Lucius Petronius. Together, they share the delights of Lucius's gorgeous concubine, the Caledonian barbarian Bryaxis

Captivated by Luc’s steely blue eyes and his perfect physique, Gaius washed down another piece of roasted duck and studied his dinner companion. Shit, he’d missed this gorgeous fucker and his daft jokes. And that sexy, deep voice. And those incredibly talented hands. It was good to be back in Rome.

Lucius never joined him on campaign any more. Not that they ever enjoyed any time alone together while in the field, but at least he could watch Luc’s bum bounce up and down on those nights when they shagged camp whores in the same room.
“You’ve already described his face, soldier,” Lucius grumbled, reaching down to grab another bite of food. “What about the rest of him?”
“You were at the auction, Luc. You’ve seen the creature—firm and lean, not too tall or too short, bit on the hairy side, fucking delectable arse.”

Resting his chin on his fist, Gaius smiled. “Ah, but what about his mind? Is he clever, like my Bry?” Lucius reached his thick forearm down the length of his thigh and raked his fingers through Bry’s honey-brown hair, massaging his scalp vigorously. The slave lifted his chin and moaned softly, pressing his cheek into the side of Luc’sleg.

He's bound to be feral.

“Hard to say yet. He was still dazed and floppy from the dealer’s drugs, those lazy parasites.”
Lucius chuckled. “He’s bound to be feral.”
“True. He’ll be untamed and fiery. And yet, I’d wager good coin my Dacian will wind up more disciplined than your pampered Caledonian brat there.”

Lucius looked down into Bry’s devoted gaze, tossed his head back and laughed. “I’ll take that bet. My brilliant Bryaxis is a rare gift from Fortuna.”

Propped up on his elbow, Gaius took another sip of wine. Bry’s long and perfectly bronzed body, dressed in a skimpy lime green costume, stretched the length of the couch beside his master’s legs. A gold band spiraled around his arm above the swell of his defined bicep. Traces of coal rimmed his golden-green eyes.
“Fortuna’s gift is getting moldy, Luc. You need to purchase something fresh, you know. This slut of yours must be close to Max’s age by now.

Fortuna's gift is getting moldy.

You should free him, set him up in some sort of trade like I did with Theodorus, and find a younger thing to warm your cock.”

Bry narrowed his eyes and bit his lip as Lucius took a long, slow swig and cleared his throat.
“Don’t be a prick, Gaius. He’s mine for as long as I say he’s fucking mine. I’ll free Bryaxis when I’m damn well ready.” Luc took another gulp.
“But why did you buy yet another lad? You already have that blond Greek, and your pretty little Simon.”
Gaius peered over the lip of his wine cup. “I wanted him. That’s fucking why.”
“Admit it, Gaius. You’re mercurial, always searching for the next shiny thing. That Dacian won’t satisfy you for long. They never do. Isn’t that right,pet?”

"Admit it, you are mercurial."

Luc pulled Bry’s head up by his hair and devoured his pet’s mouth with blatant pleasure, pushing his tongue down his throat.
Gaius curled his upper lip in a snarl. “So, Lucius Petronius, your precious, loose-lipped whore here tells me you’ve been anxious and preoccupied of late. Is that true? Perhaps Aurelia is finally getting on your nerves, eh?”
Lucius chastised Bryaxis with a glare before he spoke, his voice shaky. He was hiding something, something important. Gaius could see the worry on his face.
“There’s a curious case of embezzlement. Far too many talents are missing from the imperial coffers.” Lucius lowered his voice. “The most likely culprit, in my opinion, is one of those slimy associates of Publius. But the evidence is spotty and Emperor Trajan wants this resolved. Yesterday.”

“That’s bloody serious, not to mention risky, Luc. You’d best tread carefully.”

Lucius leaned forward and cupped Gaius’s face in his big palm. “It’ll be fine, darling. True, it’s a difficult and delicate situation—more so since both our Emperor and our Greekling are involved. But I can handle it. Trust me.”

Luc pulled away and conversation stopped. They both finished picking at Euphronia’s sumptuous fare on the table, stealing glances at each other and tossing affectionate but strained smiles back and forth.
“I’m leaving,” Gaius announced, after finishing another bite.
“I know. You always fucking leave in the morning.” Luc huffed, tossing down a half-eaten piece of bread.

“Rome, Luc. I’m leaving the capital tomorrow, at first light. I need to get my Dacian cub down to my villa and begin his training before the triumph celebrations begin at the end of the month.” Gaius didn’t look up. He couldn’t face the hurt he knew he’d see in those hypnotic blue eyes.

Lucius looked down into his cup and mumbled, “Leaving me for your Dacian mongrel, then?”
“Oh, for shit’s sake!” Gaius grabbed his lover by his short, dark hair and smothered his mouth with a long, hot kiss. Luc’s tongue fought back, wrestling with Gaius’s as they held onto each other’s shoulders for leverage.

Gaius broke the kiss, panting.

“I’m not leaving you, you bleating twit. It won’t take long. I’ll be back before you even miss me. You’ve your lovely wife and your slut to keep you entertained in the meantime.” He nodded towards Bryaxis. “How about we have that dessert you promised, if you’re ready for another round so soon, old man.”

"How about we have that dessert together?"

With an eyebrow raised, Lucius looked from Gaius to Bry. His expression was a mixture of lust and anger and frustration. “Dessert might assuage my poor, forsaken heart, Commander Fabius. But, I have one condition.”

“A condition? Well, spit it out then.”
“We enjoy him…” Lucius leaned over and waggled his eyebrows.

Gaius’s leer melted into a grin. “At the same time? It’s been a while since we played that game, darling. You’d better prepare him. We wouldn’t want to break your precious gift from Fortuna.”
“He’s already prepared. Isn’t that right, pet?”
“Yes, Dominus.” Bry smiled nervously, wiggling his hips.

Gaius rolled back and grabbed his prick through the woolen fabric of his fresh tunic. Bum fucking Luc’s beautiful whore together was an infrequent but exquisite indulgence. Gaius could already feel himself sliding along Luc’s throbbing length while they were both wrapped inside the tight heat of Bry’s hole. They’d have to try this sport with the Dacian someday, both of their cocks pounding the round, plump arse of his beautiful new cub. Gaius curled his fingers around his girth and pulled hard.

Gaius could already feel himself sliding along Luc's throbbing length

A deep groan snapped Gaius out of his daydreaming and back to the garden. He looked over at the other couch. Swollen and shiny with spit, Luc’s enormous prick slipped out and then back into Bry’s wide and talented mouth. The arrogant slave did have one fucking incredible mouth. Gaius would admit that much. Without warning, Lucius pulled Bry off by a fistful of the slave’s thick hair.

“Strip and serve up that perfect arse of yours, Bry.”

Bryaxis immediately peeled off his skimpy, expensive costume and bent down over the marble server, dishes and scraps of food crashing all over the garden dining floor. He lifted his bare bum, reached back with both hands and spread his cheeks wide and stayed still, panting softly. Gaius cocked his head and gaped when Lucius grabbed hold of a cord and slowly pulled a thick, ribbed leather plug out of Bry’s arse. The slave whimpered wantonly while blobs of liquid grease oozed out and dribbled down the backs of his smooth thighs.

“A new toy, counselor?” Gaius raised his brows.

"A new toy, counselor?"

Luc nodded. “Custom made. Not cheap, but no doubt well worth the cost. It’s been stretching him nicely since this morning.”
“He rose from his knees like a dancer in the vestibule earlier with that fucking monstrosity packed up his arse? I’m bloody impressed.”

Tossing aside the plug, Lucius stretched out on his back, pulled up his tented tunic, and wrapped two fingers like a ring around the base of his rock hard erection. “All right, dove. Let’s not leave you empty. Climb up here.”

Bry rose to his feet and squatted with his back to his master, hovering over Luc’s thick shaft. He pressed his hole against the head, and lowered his body down, slowly. He moaned and mewled, delivering a chorus of enchanting guttural noises. When his length was finally buried up to the hilt, Luc grabbed Bry by the hips and held him down.

“Fuck his beautiful sassy mouth, soldier.”

"Fuck his beautiful sassy mouth, soldier!"

Gaius lifted Bry’s face with his forefinger. “Someone’s master is being a right bossy twat today.”

His eyes glazed over, Bryaxis smirked, licked his lips and parted them.

Gaius stood up and braced Bry’s head with one hand, sliding his cock down Bry’s throat up to his balls until the slut gagged noisily. Gaius almost laughed out loud at his dramatic horseshit choking. After years of swallowing Luc’s massive member, Bry could easily handle Gaius’s more average-sized equipment.

Bry rode his master’s engorged shaft while slurping Gaius’s hard prick until two strong hands grabbed the slave by the shoulders and pulled him backwards, slamming his back against Lucius’s broad chest. Both Luc and Bry remained still for a moment. The angle was awkward and uncomfortable.

The angle was awkward

Lucius gasped over Bry’s left shoulder. “Gaius, get in him. Hurry.”
“Patience, counselor. Get your whore into position.” Gaius grabbed a glass bottle of lubricating oil, as Lucius hooked his brawny forearms under Bry’s knees and pulled the slave’s long legs up to his shoulders, spreading his thighs apart.
“Come on, open nice and wide. That’s good, Bry. Relax and enjoy it.”

Gaius lubed and stretched the upper curve of the slave’s rim, as he rubbed two fingers up and down the swollen vein of Luc’s buried cock. He pulled his fingers out, stood up and slathered oil over his shaft. “Breathe in, nice and deep.”

Bryaxis wrapped both of his hands around Luc’s hefty biceps, let his head fall back and inhaled through his nose. When he exhaled, Gaius plunged into him in one continuous thrust. Gaius felt his balls draw up and shook his head to regain some control. Drops of sweat fell from the tips of his curls and sprinkled over Bry and Luc’s faces. He braced himself with his palms against the backs of Bry’s upper thighs.

“Ready, love?”

"Ready, Love?"

Lucius nodded, and Bry squeezed his eyes shut.

Gaius set the pace, pulling halfway out and then plowing into Bry’s packed bum. His hardness rubbed up and down against the sensitive underside of Luc’s pulsing shaft as Bry groaned from the excruciating pleasure and the burning pain.
“Easy there, soldier. Don’t tear my pet in half.”
Gaius bent down, and cupped Luc’s sweaty face in his hand. “Let’s reward him. I want to feel his tight arse wring us dry.”
Luc lifted his head, kissed Gaius’s mouth passionately and mumbled, “You’re so generous with the boys.”

Luc reached down and wrapped his fingers around Bry’s prick, while Gaius closed one hand around Bry’s long neck and bent down to nibble on his nipples. Bryaxis mewled and squirmed. A few final pulls of Luc’s skilled slick fingers brought Bry to the brink and then over the edge, as he exploded into his master’s hand. Gaius released his brief chokehold; Bry gulped for air before wailing in ecstasy. As his legs trembled in spasms and his toes curled and clenched, the constricting waves of his orgasm squeezed their encased cocks.

“Fuck, it’s tight. I can’t hold it,” Lucius whimpered against Gaius’s lips.
“Let it go. I’m there. Come with me.”

In a furious tempo of alternating thrusts, they both cursed and groaned while they unloaded into Bry’s quivering body. Sweat and semen and oil covered their bodies, as Luc’s desperate sloppy tongue fucking gradually melted into soft kisses.

“Shit, that was brilliant.” Lucius stammered, dragging his fingers through his damp, dark hair. Gaius collapsed and nuzzled his face into the crook of Luc’s neck, while Luc hummed into his soaked auburn curls and rested his shaking hands on Gaius’s shoulders.

"Shit, that was brilliant!"

With his head pushed to the side, Bry choked back a sob as tears rolled down his sculpted cheeks. “Hey…” Gaius reached over, cradled Bry’s face and looked into his wet green eyes. As he wiped Bry’s tears away with his thumb, he smiled and whispered, “You’re well past your prime, Bryaxis—but, by the gods, you’re still a damn amazing piece of arse to fuck.”

Bryaxis’ glassy eyes crinkled at the corners as he grinned. “So are you,

Commander Fabius.”

“Why, you cheeky tom. I should fucking cane you for that crack.” Gaius squished Bry’s face and kissed his puckered, smirking lips before he slid his cock out and pulled him off of Luc. He hauled Bryaxis over to the other couch, lowered him onto the cushions, and smacked his bare bum. Turning around, Gaius flashed his blinding dimpled smile and extended his hand. “Time for that long bath, Counselor Petronius.”

“Overdue, I’d argue, soldier.” Having pulled himself up to his feet, Lucius walked over to the other couch. He gently re-inserted the lubed plug into Bry’s sore bum and covered his shivering pet with a light bedcover.

“You’ll sleep here tonight, pet. Leave this beastly thing in for a while to ease the ache, but remove it when you’re feeling better. There’s no need to wait for my permission. And enjoy some of that leftover wine. Do you understand me, Bryaxis?”

"You'll sleep here tonight, pet."

The night sky was eerily still. Even the noisy gulls had long gone to bed. Bry looked up and smiled, his hair a tangled rat’s nest and his face lightly streaked with dried tears. “I understand, Dominus. Thank you.” Bry’s abused bowels began to twist in angry knots; he curled up into a ball and shoved his knuckles in his mouth.

“Hush, Bry. You’ll recover by morning. I’m very proud of you. Sleep well.” Luc stroked his back and kissed him tenderly on his temple, before he stood up and took Gaius’s hand. They flung their damp tunics over their shoulders and headed off to Luc’s opulent private bathing suite.

JP Kenwood writes sexy, plot-packed stories about men in lust and love. Her current four-novel saga, Dominus, is an enemies-to-lovers tale featuring a powerful, victorious Roman general and a vanquished but proud Dacian prince. Purchase Dominus (Book 1) at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JUEEFGW. You can find the award-winning Book 2 of the Dominus saga, Games of Rome, at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0187TP3NY For the rest of December 2017, the first novella in the filthy Dominus Calendar Series, February and December, is on sale for only $0.99 here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KN72KPM. Book 3 of the Dominus saga coming in June 2018!


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