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Lustspiel agony --- Sex Addiction? Is it real? --- Part II

Text from an article in 1843 (an offshoot of The Economist) Dec. 2017, pp 84-89. Images from Kristen Bjorn's short film Wild Seed, starring Ridder Riviera, Ivan Gregory, and Andy Star. For Bjorn's entire clip, see our earlier post Sheer Lust. For the first part, go here.

Sex addicts are taught to seek strength in a higher power.

"A lot of people can look at porn and look away, but we get high from it."

Internet porn is fueling a sharp rise in addiction.

"I have patients who can lose everything in their lives, their jobs and relationships."

In the absence of clear diagnostic criteria, how does somebody know whether he is a sex addict?

The problem is not the amount of sex you have, but how you feel about it.

"Sex addicts are not necessarily having more sex, they are more obsessed about it."

Religious people are far more likely to believe they are addicted to porn than non-believers.

"I feel intense shame over a secret fetish for gay pornography."

Most of the therapists identify as sex addicts themselves.

"Clinicians who are not trained in sexuality ove a lot of the same myths as the general public."

The problem--sex addiction---affects 3% - 6% of the population.

"Sex addiction has become a convenient excuse for men who get in trouble."

But something else may also be at play.

Men tend to desire more sex than women.

They also like pornography and strip clubs more than woman do.

This can lead to some tension at the home front.

"Sometimes simply learning that their husband is masturbating
is enough to make a wife see him as a sex addict."

A number of studies have found that women often find it devastating
when they learn that their male partner is masturbating to porn.

"Teenagers typically grow up thinking that there's something shameful
about porn and masturbation,
something you have to hide."

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