My name is Sam, and these are my true stories --- Straight high-school cock

By J.S. Miller

One thing you should know is that I don’t always get every straight guy I go after.  Some straight guys will turn me down cold, which usually makes me hunt them harder.  This works with some guys, and doesn’t with others.  I’d say my success rate with straight guys is 65-70%.  That’s good enough odds to keep me hunting.  Also, with most straight guys it’s a one-time deal.  However, sometimes they come back.

Sometimes they come back

It had been a few months since Cole and his friends had face-fucked me in front of my house and emptied their loads into my gut.  Since then, I had blown Danny from 700 East a couple of times, Vince a few more times, and Danny and Vince, Cole’s brother, one more time in a threesome.  The fall semester of college was about to start, and I was looking forward to a new crop of straight guys on campus.

It was around eleven o’clock in the morning and I was outside washing my SUV.  My dogs were lying on the driveway, just out of spray distance from the hose.  All of a sudden they started barking, which meant either another dog(s) was being walked down the sidewalk in front of my house, or someone was in my driveway.  It proved to be the latter.

I was looking forward to a group
of straight guys on campus

I looked up and saw Cole slowly walking down my driveway, his hands in the pockets of his shorts.  He had a burgundy red “MSU SOAR” T-shirt on, and a burgundy MSU baseball cap with the bear mascot on the front.  SOAR was a program sponsored by one of the local universities which gave perspective students and their families a tour of the university, getting them acquainted with the university for the coming semester.  From his apparel I deducted that Cole had been on one such tour.

Seeing Cole again instantly brought back the memory of him standing outside the back window of his car, while I was on my knees in the backseat, fucking his cock down my throat.  After that night I sort of thought I might see him again, but a lot of months had passed and I had almost given up hope.  Seeing Cole walking down my driveway brought back that hope 100%.

Seeing Cole instantly brought back memories

I continued washing my car as Cole got closer.  “Hey man,” he said as he stopped a few feet from me.  I stopped spraying my SUV and turned to look at him.  “Hey,” I said, still holding the hose, “How’s it going?”  “Ahhhh not too bad,” Cole replied back, “Just got finished with SOAR at MSU and thought I’d stop by to see what’s up…”  Cole and I talked bullshit for the next 10-15 minutes as I finished washing my SUV.  Then there was a lull of a few minutes.  “Soooo,” Cole finally said, seeming to build up enough courage to get to the point of why he was at my house.  “I was at Vince’s a while back an overheard an interesting conversation,” he continued.  “Oh yeah?” I said back to Cole.  “Yeah,” Cole went on, “Vince was in the garage, I opened the door to come out and heard him talking to somebody telling them how he’d bent some bitch over his work bench and fucked the hell out of ‘em…”  “He was talkin; ‘bout how the garage door was open an how the bitch didn’t care ‘cause they were gettin’ pounded so good!”  “Really,” I said, almost sure of where the conversation was going.  “Yup,” Cole answered back.  “Now Vince never referred to the bitch as a ‘she,’ and he talked about how the bitch’s ass was so ‘fuckin’ tight’…an it don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Vince was fuckin’ a dude…”  “Yea?” I said to Cole, looking eye-to-eye with him.  “Yea,” Cole said continuing, “So the Cole Man put two an two together an I figured out that it was your ass Vince was tappin’ in his garage…am I right?”

Building up enough courage

I looked around mine and my neighbor’s yard and thankfully no one was outside.  “Well,” I said, looking back at Cole, “Let’s go inside and talk about this…I don’t want the whole neighborhood hearing our conversation.”  Cole laughed when I said this.  “Aight,” he said, talking his ball cap off, turning it around and putting it back on his head.  I laid the hose down, turned off the water, and put my dogs in the back yard.  I turned around and walked toward my back door.  Cole followed me through the door, into my kitchen, and closed the door behind him.

"Let's go inside."

I went to my kitchen island and turned around to look at Cole.  He was standing probably six feet away from me.  I looked down at his crotch and could tell he was getting hard.  Cole still had his right hand in the pocket of his shorts, and I could see his hand move over and adjust his cock.  I watched as Cole took his hand out of his pocket, and used both hands to pull his T-shirt up to the waist of his shorts.  With his left hand holding the waist of his shorts, Cole’s right hand went to the top of his zipper and slowly began pulling it down.  The kitchen was quiet as Cole, staring at me, pulled his zipper all the way down.  Both of Cole’s hands reached inside his fly, moved around for a few seconds, then his right hand pulled out his cock.

I could tell he was hard

Cole was hard, and his full 8 1/2 inches jutted out straight for a couple inches, then curved down slightly.  I watched as Cole’s hand jacked his cock back and forth a couple of times, and saw wetness glistening around his slit.  Slowly, Cole walked the few feet to the island, where I was still standing.  With his right hand still on his cock, Cole brought his left hand to my shoulder and started to push me down to my knees.  Now face to face with his cock, Cole rubbed the wet tip across my lips, down onto my chin, and back to my lips.

I opened my mouth and felt Cole push the head of his cock into my mouth and felt it slide across my tongue.  I opened my mouth wider, opened my throat and pushed my head toward Cole’s crotch.  His inches slid easily down my throat, and on the third time down I held him in my throat, slowly milking his shaft.  “Ahhhhh fuuuuck yesssss,” Cole moaned out, as his body tensed slightly.  I pulled his cock slowly from my throat, letting his head slide across my tongue again.  Cole’s pre-cum flowed easily from his head, and I could taste the sweetness on the back of my tongue as it slid down my throat.  After a few more throat massages, Cole put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back.  “I don’t wanna shoot down your throat, dude,” Cole said, his breathing low, “I want that ass…”

I opened my mouth

I got off my knees and stood up in front of Cole.  He quickly turned me around in front of the island, and I began unbuckling my belt, unsnapping and unzipping my shorts.  Once I had done this, I felt Cole’s hand go up the back of my shirt to the waistband of my shorts.  In one movement, Cole pulled my shorts and boxer briefs down and they fell around my ankles.  I brought my right leg out of my shorts and felt Cole’s hand push forward on my upper body, bending me over the kitchen island.  Instinctively I moved legs apart and braced myself for what was to come.

The next thing I felt was Cole rubbing the head of his hard cock up and down my ass crack.  He stopped in front of my hole, and I felt a warm wetness covering it.  He drug his cock head up my crack again, then pulled it back down.  Cole continued this movement for several seconds, until my entire crack was covered in warm, wet pre-jizz.  While Cole was doing this, I suddenly heard him say “perfect,” in a very low voice.  I thought he was talking about my ass, but then I saw him reaching his hand over my left shoulder and grab a bottle of olive oil that was on the island counter.

The next thing I felt was Cole

I heard wet movement behind me, and surmised that Cole was rubbing the olive oil onto his dick.  Then, I felt incredible slickness as Cole moved his cock up and down my crack again.  Cole stopped again at my hole, and I felt his swollen cock head start to push in.  “Ahhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuck…” Cole moaned out low, as he pushed his head in, popped through my ring, and followed with his shaft.  “Fuuuuck duuuude,” he moaned again, “That shit’s tight….”  Cole slowly fucked his cock into my ass, first going half-way in, then three-quarters, then fully.   He would draw out slow, then push back in until his full pubes were against my ass cheeks and his balls were slapping my taint.  I let Cole get use to the feeling of my tight ass, then I decided it was time to make his encounter even more memorable for him.

I waited until Cole was fully buried, then I clamped my ass muscles around his shaft, making it harder and tighter when he pulled out and fucked back in.  “HOLY FUCK!!!” Cole almost yelled, “DUDE…WHAT…THE…FUCK!!”  Cole moved his hands to my shoulders for balance and leverage and began to fuck in harder, now it not being so easy for him.  “Dude…FUUUUCK,” Cole moaned out again, “How the fuck is that so tight!!??”

"How the fuck is that so tight?"

Cole’s hard and thick 8 1/2 inches grinded into my hole with increasing speed.  His hands gripped my shoulders tighter as his swollen shaft went deep into my gut.  Cole’s breathing was short and hard, and I heard him move his legs farther apart as he fucked into me deeper.  His fucks were now coming in short, hard jabs, and his balls were no longer bouncing against my taint.  The roughness of his pubes scraped against my ass cheeks as Cole fucked me harder and harder.

“Shit…dude…,” Cole said after a few minutes of intense pounding, “SHIIIT…SHIIIT…SHIIIT…”  With one final hard fuck into me, Cole’s cock exploded.  With his hands gripping my shoulders hard and his cock fucked in as far as it would go, I felt my ass begin to flood with his seed.  The vein on Cole’s shaft must have been hyper swollen because I could feel it pump every 1-2 seconds as his jizz emptied into me.

Cole was breathing hard, quick and deep as his hands slowly released their grip on my shoulders.  His cock was still buried in my ass as he began to stand straight up.  A suction sound, from Cole slowly moving his cum covered cock in and out of my ass, filled my kitchen.  Cole finally pulled his cock all the way out of my ass, and I felt him wiping his shaft on my ass cheeks.  Slowly, I pushed myself up off my island counter, bent down and pulled my shorts and boxer briefs up.  As I was pulling up my shorts, I couldn’t remember hearing Cole take off his T-shirt or pull his own shorts down.   I turned around and began buckling my belt.  Cole was still standing there facing me, but had moved about a foot back.  I noticed that Cole still had on his MSU SOAR T-shirt and his ball cap, turned around backwards.  I also noticed that Cole was still wearing his shorts.  He was wearing his shorts and his cock was still sticking out of the fly.

 My name is Sam and I'm a 23 year-old guy attending college in the Midwest. I have a girlfriend and I always have. I also like dick; a lot. Especially straight dick; a lot. I got my first taste when I was 15, and I’ve been hooked on the rod ever since. I also found out at that time that I have no gag reflex. Nope, none at all. Every dick I’ve ever had has slid down with no problem. All the way down. My preference of dick has always been for the ones attached to straight guys. In my short dick sucking career, I’ve learned that straight dudes usually don’t mind having another straight guy, especially one who looks and acts like me, help them out when they’re “in need.” it’s all in the approach. Second only to my love of straight dick is my love of the hunt. I’m a hunter, and I love the thrill of finding a guy I want, preferably straight, and seeing how long it takes me to capture my prey..usually not very long. Where first and last names have been used, the last names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent straight guys. My name is Sam, and these are my true stories.

This story appeared first on Sam's blog, and is now available on Amazon as part of his two-volume story collection The Ultimate Hunt. All rights reserved by the author. Reposting only with his permission. 


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