Yves Paradis

Yves Paradis was born in Brittany (France) in 1955, to farming family. He discovered his passion for photography as a teenager at school, were he started taking pictures of his friends. At the end of the seventies, he began to compose pictures of the guys that he encountered. His work has been published in France (Gai Pied), Italy (Babilonia), and Germany.
In 1991 an English Editor, Aubrey Walter, published a collection of his photographs entitled " Joie de vivre", now out of print.
Although close to the gay community, his work is always free from clich├ęs and fashion. This is why his pictures remain so universal and timeless.
At the beginning of the nineties, he stopped taking pictures and started to individually print his compositions on traditional photographic paper. This is why every one of his photographs is original and unique.


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