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New in the gallery --- Rogelio Manzo

Rogelio Manzo

(from the artist's bio:)

The artist, who moved from his native Mexico as a youngster, first settled near relatives in Reno, Nevada, then found his way to Sacramento, where he still makes his home. "I really liked it there... it actually reminded me of Guadalajara," says Manzo. "It wasn't too big, or too small. It was perfect."

Returning to Mexico after completing high school in Nevada, Manzo studied architecture while simultaneously making an informal study of painting. But he found architecture "too strict." In the following years, he brought his architectural and drafting skills to play--working in that field to earn a living--until eventually, he made the welcome discovery that full-time commitment to his passion for art was in fact a viable career choice.

Manzo's brush with architecture inadvertently yielded his unusual choice of materials--resin panels designed for use as interior wall treatments. He first manipulates the panels, sanding and preparing them to accept transfer images as well as paint, and adding layers of silk and other fabric. He has experimented with a variety of materials, eventually hitting on a combination that allows a light-infused and reflective surface to mitigate the dark imagery.

The artist in his studio

While his early paintings were more in the realm of Magic Realism, he became fascinated with the human face. "It's the first thing we see in the morning, of our loved one, of ourselves, everyone..." he says, adding "I went to portraiture because... I wanted to explore who we are, as the human race." Manzo's work is gaining recognition; after shows in Sacramento and San Francisco, and several art fairs, the artist will have work included in a show at Lancaster Museum of Art & History, "The Contemporary Figure: Past Presence," as well as a solo show at Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco, both this fall.

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