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The Dionysian Revelry

By JP Kenwood

 (Artwork by Priapus of Milet)

Gaius Fabius Rufus, Rome's second in command under the rule of Emperor Trajan (98-117 AD), escapes the political intrigues of the capital city and travels down to his seaside villa in Campania to enjoy the company of his pleasure slaves. On one glorious afternoon, he introduces his captive Dacian prince, Allerix, to the exquisite delights of an all-boy orgy. (This is the second fragment from Kenwood's Dominus saga. Others may follow.)

When they entered the room, Simon and Nicomedes were down on their knees, their foreheads pressed against the marble floor, gold bangles hugging their taut biceps. They both wore ivory linen skirts tied around their waists with string, the curves of their round bums on blatant display. Behind them stood Max and the Caledonian, ivy-leaf wreaths on their heads, short staffs tipped with pinecones in their hands. Max’s bulky ebony arms sparkled with silver jewelry. Smudges of charcoal encircled Bry’s stunning, golden-green eyes. In the glittering lamplight, the lot resembled a pack of wanton satyrs waiting to start a salacious bacchanalia.

"I'm overdressed!"

Tugging on his heavier blue tunic, Allerix leaned over and whispered into Gaius’s ear, “I’m overdressed.”
“We’ll take care of that soon enough.” Gaius placed his hand on Alle’s shoulder. “Kneel, cățel.”
Allerix knelt, and Bryaxis gracefully sank to his knees. Max glanced around and began to lower himself when Gaius shook his head, wagging his finger.
“Maximus, freedmen do not kneel. Ah, look! Splendid! You’ve prepared our entertainment.”
Gaius strolled over to the canvas and leather sling suspended from iron hooks on the ceiling and caressed the tightly woven straps of hide between his fingers. Smooth and supple, but sturdy. He’d had it crafted based on his recollections of a similar toy back in Athens.
“By Pollux, we haven’t brought out this exquisite contraption in far too long. But before we succumb to its delights, fetch wine for everyone, Bryaxis.”

Bryaxis rose to his feet and gathered up the silver cups on the side table, placing them onto a tray with a pitcher of wine, then serving everyone a full cup of drink. Gaius inhaled the grape’s fragrance. “An excellent dark, dry Falernian, the prized fruit of our fertile mountains and a rare treat for you lads. Rise to your feet and drink to sacred Eleutherios, the giver of many joys. Cheers!”
“To Dionysus! Cheers!” They all replied in unison except for Alle, who appeared bewildered but intrigued.

They took turns kissing him

Gaius tossed back a swallow and roared, “Let Golden Aphrodite’s festivities begin!”
Simon guzzled down his wine in three slurps before snuggling his glistening body between Bryaxis and Max. They took turns kissing him, rubbing their experienced hands over his gyrating arse and sleek torso. Max and Bry performed like seasoned dancers, anticipating each other’s every lustful maneuver. When Max devoured Simon’s mouth, Bryaxis latched onto Simon’s neck, sucking his skin, pulling loose the string holding up the lad’s skimpy covering. Simon moaned as the thin fabric clung to his erection before fluttering to the floor.
“They are beautiful, aren’t they?” Cup in hand, Gaius draped his arm over Allerix’s shoulder and smiled. He pointed to the leather apparatus and asked, “Would you care to try Venus’s divine swing, Alle?”
Transfixed by the playful threesome fondling one another a few feet away, Allerix swallowed a hefty mouthful of wine and wiped his lips. “What does that device do?”
Gaius laughed and tossed back another swig. “Nicomedes, come here! Explain to our dear boy what the swing does.”

His golden brown balls swinging to and fro beneath the hem of his short skirt, Nic sashayed over and wrapped his arm around Alle’s other shoulder, purring into his ear, “The swing doesn’t do fucking anything, Dacian, except cradle the lucky slut the rest of us worship with our cocks and mouths. Have you ever been fucked by a group of generous, talented companions before?”
Allerix’s spine stiffened. He glanced sideways at Gaius before shaking off Nic’s arm. “No, I haven’t. The only companions I’ve been forced to endure were savage animals.”

"Have you ever been fucked by a group of generous companions?"

Gaius squeezed his cup until his knuckles turned white. Have patience, he reminded himself. Titus Petronius wouldn’t fail him. He’d deliver a list identifying the rogue scouts who’d raped Allerix, who’d discovered his royal birth name. No matter who they were or where they were, the Lion of the fucking Lucky Fourth would hunt them down one by one. The lethal point of Gaius’s sword would be the last bloody thing those soldiers would see before they crossed to the Underworld. Allerix would be safe.
Nic held up his hands. “Easy there, Dacian. No need to be prickly. We’re all friends here, except for Dom cause, well—Dom’s our master.”
Gaius slapped Nic’s partially exposed bum. “Shut your luscious mouth and refill my cup, lamb.”
“Yes, Dominus.”
After Nic had slipped away, Gaius kissed Alle softly on the mouth to reassure him. “Relax, cățel. The swing is simply a shrine for pleasure, but you needn’t experience it until you’re ready. Perhaps you’d enjoy a demonstration?”

Allerix tried to disguise the thrill creeping into his voice with a disinterested, “As you wish, Rufus.”
Gaius yanked on the twisted coil of Alle’s silver collar, pressing his finger against Alle’s lips. “None of that fucking ‘Rufus’ nonsense, not while we’re in the company of the other lads. Permission to refer to me by that absurd nickname of mine is a liberty I grant only when you and I are alone. Understood?”

How the boy loved to be loved.

“I understand, Dominus.”

With a quick pat to Alle’s cheek, Gaius ambled across the room to the rollicking threesome and carded his fingers through Simon’s soft, honey-brown curls. How the boy loved to be loved. Nic handed him a second cup of wine; Gaius took a sip and pulled Simon away from Max and Bry’s greedy affections. “You’re overdue for a delicious, eye-watering fuck, aren’t you? Let’s not delay our starving pup’s gratification. Lift him into position.”
Nodding simultaneously, Bryaxis and Max each took one of Simon’s arms and carefully guided him backward to the edge of the canvas seat. Bry leaned over and asked with concern, “Do you want us to secure these bindings, Simon?”
His green eyes aflame with excitement, Simon nodded furiously. “By the Holy Penates, Bryaxis! If you don’t strap me in, I’ll fall out and crash onto the fucking floor.”

"You're overdue for an eye-watering fuck."

Simon lowered his bum into the seat of the swing and Bryaxis fastened the padded straps around his wrists. With his palm pressed against Simon’s chest, he pushed him downward. Simon’s legs lifted up into the air. Max grabbed Simon’s feet and buckled the second set of leather bindings around his ankles. With a gentle shove from Max, Simon swayed back and forth, his limbs splayed as if he were a young Ixion strapped to the fiery wheel.
“Comfortable, pup?” Max asked, tickling Simon’s toes, his hardening cock protruding under the sheer fabric of his white tunic.
Maximus had always fucking loved the swing.
“Comfy cozy, sir. Dominus, can they blindfold me?”
Gaius grinned. “Bryaxis, blindfolds are kept in that storage chest in the alcove. And grab the spare jars of oil as well. Atticus will restock the supply come next market day.”
“Yes, sir.”

When Bryaxis had finished tying the soft black cloth around Simon’s head, shielding the boy’s lust-filled eyes, Gaius pulled Nic closer and relayed his orders to the entire group.
“Nicomedes, attend to Simon’s neglected cock while I encourage Alle to relax. I suspect our sheltered barbarian has never experienced an orgiastic party. Caledonian, fuck Simon’s fetching mouth if you can still manage an erection without your balls.”

Bryaxis opened his mouth to say something but clearly thought better of it and nodded once as Gaius continued. “Simon’s arse is yours to plow, Maximus; make the pup sing for us, yes?”
His lips parted in anticipation, Simon groaned and squirmed, gripping the swing’s tethers.
 “With pleasure, Commander.” Max tipped his chin, his hand under his tunic stroking his member fast and hard. Gaius rubbed Max and Nic’s shoulders before marching over to the bed to view the spectacle. He patted the mattress and leaned back. “Alle, replenish your wine and join me.”
“There’s a sweetness to it that tastes peculiar. Is this wine tainted?” Alle asked, licking his lips as he sat down.
“A splash of honeyed aphrodisiac never hurts. It’s mild and harmless. Stop worrying and enjoy the show.”
“Do you ever participate, sir?”

"Novelty is fleeting."

When Gaius stopped laughing, he stroked Alle’s cheek and whispered, “I’ve played the leading role on occasion.”
His sunburnt neck blushing, Alle diverted his gaze and rubbed his thumb across the floral designs on the surface of his metal cup, as Simon’s moans and gasps filled the smoky air.
Gaius lifted Alle’s chin. “Tonight, my affections are focused on you, Alle. Given the prudish traditions of your people, I’d wager you’ve never experienced polyamorous play with a chorus of lads. By the gods, little compares to having every erogenous spot on your body stimulated at the same time by a gaggle of beautiful boys. I want to bask in your first impressions; I confess I have a deep fondness for novel escapades.”
Allerix forced a half smile. “Novelty is fleeting, Dominus.”
“Then I’d better hurry. Stand up and peel off that tunic, Alle.” Gaius commanded with a smile and a flick of his finger before scooting his arse up the mattress for a more panoramic view.

JP Kenwood writes sexy, plot-packed stories about men in lust and love. Her current four-novel saga, Dominus, is an enemies-to-lovers tale featuring a powerful, victorious Roman general and a vanquished but proud Dacian prince. Purchase Dominus (Book 1) at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JUEEFGW. You can find the award-winning Book 2 of the Dominus saga, Games of Rome, at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0187TP3NY Book 3 of the Dominus saga coming in June 2018!


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