Erotic art history (1) --- India

(From the pages of Erotic Art History:)

Today’s piece of erotic art history is an undated piece that comes to us from India. In this scene, two bejeweled and turbaned men 69 in an unusually complicated position on an ornate rug and decorated cushions in an expensive estate.  Amid a tangle of limbs and a jumble of perspective, the man whose head is on the left (who is on the bottom) spreads his partner’s ass checks wide as he lowers his partner’s cock into his mouth while his partner, whose head is on the right (who is on the top), firmly grasps his partner’s cock as he raises it into his own mouth.

WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE: “Homosexuality in India”


  1. why do you think they do an "unusually complicated position"?
    for my it looks like a simply 69!

    1. This is the author of Erotic Art History speaking.


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