Jean Genet --- "With her head under the sheets..." --- Our Lady of the Flowers (6)

(For an introduction, have a look at the first Genet post)

Darling the sturdy, all and always hot muscle and bush, was smitten with an artificial queen. Divine's wiles had nothing to do with it. Darling plunged head over heels into this sort of debauch. Then, little by little, he had grown weary. He neglected Divine and left her.

In the garret, she then had terrible fits of despair. Her increasing age was moving her into a coffin. She reached the point of no longer daring a gesture or manner; people who approached her during this period for the first time said that she seemed retiring. She still clung to the pleasures of bed and hallway; she cruised the tea−rooms, but it was she who did the paying. When making love, she would experience the wildest terror, fearing, for example, lest an excited youngster rumple her hair while she was on her knees or press his head against her too roughly and push off her wig. Her pleasure was encumbered with a host of petty worries. She would stay in the garret in order to jerk off. For days and nights she would remain lying in bed, with the curtains drawn at the window of the dead, the Bay−window of the Departed. She would drink tea and eat fruit−cake.

With her head under the sheets, she would devise complicated debauches, involving two, three or four persons, in which all the partners would arrange to discharge in her, on her and for her at the same time. She would recall the narrow but vigorous loins, the loins of steel that had perforated her with their tools. Without regard to their tastes, she would couple them. She was willing to be the single goal of all these lusts, and her mind strained in an effort to be conscious of them simultaneously as they drifted about in a voluptuousness that came from all sides. Her body would tremble from head to foot. She felt personalities that were strange to her passing through her. Her body would cry out, “The god, behold the god!” She would sink back all exhausted.

The pleasure soon lost its edge. Divine then donned the body of a male. Suddenly strong and muscular, she saw herself hard as nails, with her hands in her pockets, whistling. She saw herself doing the act on herself. She felt her muscles growing, as when she had tried to play virile, and she felt herself getting hard around the thighs, shoulder blades and arms, and it hurt her. This game too petered out. She was drying up. There were no longer even circles under her eyes.


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