New in the gallery --- Harry Bush

Harry Bush (1925-1994)

(From the artist's Wikipedia entry:)

Bush served in the United States Navy and United States Air Force during the Second World War, having his first homosexual experience while deployed in the European theatre. Bush took up illustration as a pastime during the war; a self-trained artist, Bush took only one community college drawing class. Upon the conclusion of the war, he worked at the Pentagon until the early 1960s. Bush retired from military service at the age of 40, and relocated to Los Angeles, California. In California, Bush's artwork was discovered by Bob Mizer, the founder of the Athletic Model Guild. In January 1966, Mizer published Bush's work for the first time in Physique Pictorial, making Bush the second artist after George Quaintance to be featured in the magazine. Bush continued to be published into the 1970s, as the erosion of obscenity laws allowed him to depict more explicit material in his work. Bush was notoriously reclusive, and critical of the gay community despite being gay himself but "closeted". His isolation, combined with fears of copyright infringement, led him to destroy much of his original artwork. Bush never worked under a pseudonym and signed all of his art with his own name, despite a persistent fear that he would be outed and subsequently lose his veteran's pension.
Bush died in 1994 due to complications from emphysema. An anthology of his surviving works was published posthumously in 2007.

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