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Erotic art history (5) --- Malaysia 19th century

(From the pages of Erotic Art History:) 

Today’s piece of historic erotic art comes to us from 19th century Malaysia in the form of a painted ostrich egg. In this scene, from left to right, a man presses his lips to his female partner’s breast while touching her pussy as she smilingly takes his face in her hands. To the right, a man prepares to anally penetrate his male partner as his partner, who is also sporting a sizable erection, bends over and to facilitate the process. 
NOTE - This piece is on display at the Musée de l'érotisme in Paris. 

IMAGE SOURCE: Personal tourist photos 

WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE: “Museum of Eroticism” 


  1. Nice piece of art, that teaches us how much and deep homosexuality is into human beings!
    Une belle œuvre d'art, qui nous apprend à quel point l'homosexualité soit profondément ancrée dans l'être humain!

    1. Yes...and it's a fact that appears to pervade erotic art history. Gay sex has been practiced in all cultures, and overtly enough to make it into the fine arts. Cheers.


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